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They say real life experience makes the best writing
So this cowgirl went a ridin'
On a round-up with the boys.
She was kinda new at all this,
Hoped to learn and keep her poise.

Didn't complain with 4 am wake-up.
Hit the saddle right at 5.
Watered horses at the 'crik,
While rubbing sleep out of her eyes.

Hit the trail about 5:30,
Went to lookin' for them cows.
By 9 am the day was cookin'
Would be a hot one she knew now.

Course the boys they had their way
Of keeping cool, there was no doubt.
Drinkin' water was for sissies,
Soon the Coors was flowing out.

Found a cow? Let's pop a cold one!
Cuz we gotta celebrate!
Hey there's bulls across the draw there,
Another cold one would be great!

So this kept on quite a while
And she tried to do her best,
To keep up with all their drinkin',
Didn't want to flunk the test.

But there came a time when darn it,
All that beer just came to call.
And she got a little flustered,
Not knowing how to ask at all,

All these tough ol' crusty cowboys
What was the proper thing to do,
When Mother Nature called a cowgirl
To do that thing that we all do.

Now a cowboy's got it easy
We all know that to be true,
And it's really no big deal
For them to pass that beer right through.

But a cowgirl's got her modesty,
A cowgirl's outta luck.
Guess she better hide behind a tree,
Or else next time bring her truck!
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