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The beginning of a childrens series called Dragon Tales.
The sand ground between her toes as she walked down the beach away from the setting sun. Her dainty fingers searched the side pocket of the oversized purse looking for her keys. She would be late. Her fingers grasped the keys as she pranced toward the green station wagon wearied with age and pulled open the stubborn door. Her hands shook as she twisted the key bringing on the irritable rumble of the cranky motor that was old to have any pretense of smooth running.

She glanced at her watch nervously. He would be waiting and agitated. The light turned red just as she topped the hill. She drummed her chewed finger-nails against the steering wheel impatiently. Finally, she sped off with blue smoke following her.

Her arrival was pronounced by the loud bang and the bellow of smoke as she turned the car off and looked toward the door. He must have been delayed for some reason. Then the doors flew open and thumping of running feet, shouts and laughter filled the air. He came bouncing to the car, red-faced, excited with bright eyes.
"Mom!" you are here!
"Of course I am Dragonman, where else would i be!"
Showing the vigor of his seven life years he jumped into the open window of the passenger door. He would have opened the door except it had not been opened in at least a decade. He thought it was so much fun diving into the eye of the car. The raging beast came to life and sputtered down the street toward their small apartment.

"Mom, are we going to play the game tonight?" he asked as he emptied his pocket of the spit balls put there for safe keeping earlier.

"Of course we are!" "ewwwww, ok, that is gross!" "Put those nasty things back in your pocket and throw them away when we get to the AM/PM market!"

Every Wednesday was a special day. That was the day she would stop on the way home and get the lottery scratcher. They would sit at the table and he would diligently scratch off the hidden grey areas with his special lucky dime.

She pulled into the market and he wiggled out his window. He preferred going head first which often caused by-passers to stare. At the counter she threw in a pack of M&M's when he wasn't looking. When homework was finished she would surprise him. She asked for the lottery scratcher and headed back toward the car. He was shooting the spitballs into the garbage can.

"Come on now Dragon, let's get home!"

"Roarrrrrr" he bellowed in his very best Dragon voice and dove back into the car.

She pulled into the cracked driveway of the refurbished garage they rented. The car once again coughed itself into a comotose state as they got out and walked to the paint chipped door.
Inside they sat at the salvation army table and he pulled out his magic dime and began to scratch.

He liked it when he scratched off the grey and it showed lots of zeros. This one did. It had five zeros. He knew that was good. The next grey showed five zeros as well.
"Mom!" "We are going to win!" "We are!" She smiled warmly as she pulled out the pot for the macaroni and cheese. They were out of hot dogs so it was just macaroni tonight.
"I know we are Dragonman" "I know we are!" She said this every Wednesday.

He scratched off the third grey area and there were five zeroes again. He looked closely. That had never happened before. Then he remembered the very first number had to match. Five zeros and the first number were all fives too.

"Mom, we really did win!"
"Yes dear, I know we did" She put on the teapot to make tea.
"Mom, we got five zeros three times!"
She stopped with a thrill going through her. Could it be possible?
"Let me see the ticket"
There in front of her, very meticulously and cleanly scratched off were: $500,000 $500,000 $500,000.
She leaned back against the chipped sink.
"Mom? Are you o.k.?"
Then the tears started. It was the beginning.
The beginning of the young man and his Dragon Tales. The beginning of their new life.
"Dragonman, you did it!"

Then they sat together and had macaroni and cheese with no meat and made their plans. That is how it all began.

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