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A little girl tries to sleep, but she knows they're there waiting on her.
Good Night

By: Tracey Criswell Wilson

In the still blackness of the quiet night,
a little girl sleeps with a flickering light.

"Be Quiet!" she screams within,
while all alone the terror strikes.

Behind your back,
they'll always come,
to take you away where dead men lay.

Don't turn around,
and don't try to run;
it'll catch you faster than any loaded gun.

The little girl hides beneath her sheets,
tears flowing quickly down her cheeks.

Oh Lord, please protect me,
I know you can,
for you have done it over and over again.

The peace flows through her soul once more,
now able to turn and look toward the door.

A little girl sleeps with a flickering light,
in the still blackness of the quiet night.
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