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by Golem
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A vampire's longing
So sweetly, as the flower courts the honey bees with nectar
You're lifeblood beckons me close into your arms
As I screech into the night, you hear my forlorn whisper
Like the flutter of moths wings, gently coaxing the night air's embrace
I stand off in the distance and watch you
In your dealings with those who don't know how dear you are
Those who lie to you, cheat you, and indeed steal from you
Whereas I always am up-front an honest
Completely and unabashedly I stare into your soft serene gray eyes
Like the viper who has caught the field mouse in his trance
At first, the mouse is frozen still, in horror and fear
Unable to move, without words, the viper conveys his desire
His lust, long passionate thoughts of hours of unrequited dreams
Oh every thought, every breath you have breathed I have counted
Like the ghoulish and repugnant hunchback of Notre Dame, I had
Only the shadows to comfort me, as I marveled at your beauty
Oh, even the field mouse succumbs as the viper enfolds his cold kiss
As the blood slowly ejaculates down from your neck to your bosom
Our orgasm is one; you are my life
How dependent we are, it is indeed a love beyond words
I let you go back into the callous world, the harsh light, and uncaring judgment
I mesmerize you into forgetting, but oh how I wish you knew
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