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He was found so will he make it through
Martin was eight when it started. His dad walked out on them. His mum fell into the drink and drugs she had been on before, his brother took to bullying. The main victim being Martin. And Martin dealt with it.


"I know a place you can go."

Martin looked up blearily. He was briefly embaressed about what he looked like but his fear was stronger. The face before him was older than he was. Nineteen, twenty or so but the face had an old factor to it. But what struck him the most was that it belonged to a man whose eyes were as soft as an angels.

"It's alright. I'm not going to hurt you." The man said.

Martin took another step backwards. He wanted to run as he had done for six years now but no terror came to propel him along.

"If you want to come you can." The man turned to walk away down the road.

"What is this place?" Martin tested his jaw. even as he spoke he regretted it.

"Somewhere safe."

Safe was an uncommon word in this town. He followed slowly behind. Staying out of range for any stray fists or fingers. Following as you might walk from a sleeping tiger. But that was how he lived.


He lay alone in the white washed room. Alone with a story to tell. A story that he had kept a secret for so long and was longing to free. To let go.


Cari was young for her job. Social worker. She was tall with long blonde hair tied back into a ponytail. Her small glasses were slipping off her nose when a knock at the door came.

"Come in." she called. Nothing would tear her down today. Or so she thought.

A young boy. Fourteen or fifteen was lead into the room. He was looking down at his feet, his soaking hair falling across his face. But his hair could not hide the dark colour of dried blood. When he looked up she saw raw fear in his eyes and all around them, huge black bruises. His face was purple and blue in places. As she took in his appearence she saw blood still spreading across his grey torn t shirt.

Her spirits fell. When was the last time she had seen one like this? The questions answer lay with her own reflection.


So he was going to tell his new parent. The only one that cared. The one whose pain mingled with his own. Martin would tell Cari.

So he escaped. Like some. Like so few others. But will any one else. Will any of you escape. Who will join the ranks of those who got passed it? Will you?
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