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Children's Halloween Short Story
         Finally, after weeks of waiting, it was Halloween night. The twirling ballerina took one last practice curtsy in front of her mirror before grabbing her goblin-stickered bag. As she rushed out the front door, visions of tootsie-rolls, suckers, and other sugary delights danced in her head. She licked her lips in anticipation.

         "Whoever made up Halloween was a genius," Melissa thought, as she curtsied, held out her bag, and hollered, "Trick or treat!"

         Dancing down the sidewalk to the next house, she spotted him...one-eyed, sneering pumpkin Spike leering at her from his front porch throne. She'd heard all about Spike from her neighborhood friends who had watched in horror from across the street as the sharp carving knife brought him to life. And there he sat, daring her, with flickering eye and yellowed, jagged teeth, to climb his guarded steps and claim her treat. She stared at him, and he stared back at her..."double dog dare you," she read on his eerie face.

         "What to do, what to do!" Melissa exclaimed silently, fidgeting on the sidewalk, as sneering Spike followed her every move with his one glowing eye. She wanted so badly to ask Mommy to walk her to this one front door. But she remembered what a fuss she had put up last year, with loud protests that she was a big girl of five, and demanding that Mommy wait on the sidewalk.

         She'd heard Leah and Cassie chatting excitedly in her first-grade classroom that the Waltmon's were offering caramel apples to trick-or-treaters this year. Caramel apples! Melissa sighed heavily. She knew a caramel apple was better than all the tootsie-rolls, suckers, and other candies in her bag.

         She glared at Spike, while muttering in her head all the ugly words that she knew to call him..."creep, jerk, dummy." Suddenly, a thought came to her. She would wait. Wait patiently until the wind blew his blazing eye in another direction. She would dash up to the porch, knock on the door, quickly holler "trick or treat!", get her caramel apple reward, and run.

         As she was standing there, biting her lower lip, waiting for a gust of wind, Mommy knelt down in front of her. "Melissa, I heard that Mr. and Mrs. Waltmon are giving out caramel apples this year. Would you mind if I walked to this one door with you? You know how much I love caramel apples."

         Melissa pretended to think the request over, then answered, "Well, perhaps just this one door, but only because you like caramel apples as much as I do." The little ballerina grinned as she grabbed hold of her mommy's hand.

         Gripping her caramel apple and walking down the front steps next to Mommy, Melissa couldn't help but turn around and stick her tongue out at Spike. For just a moment, it seemed as if Spike winked at her, letting her know how brave she had been. Turning back around to sneak a last peek, she saw only his burning eye darting back and forth, waiting for his next trick-or-treat victim. She sighed and hoped the Waltmon's wouldn't make caramel apples next year. Well, at least not if Spike would be guarding the front porch again.
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