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Rated: ASR · Script/Play · Drama · #769900
A family that's been broken apart and comes back together after a tragedy.



(MICHAL pulls the blanket up over ALEXIS and turn off the light on the bed side table. She walks down the hallway and into her room and sits on her sofa looking out the window at a star. She is thinking about what has happened. She bows her head in reflection.)


(JOSEPHINE is sitting at her desk working then she notices the two photos of herself, sisters and mother and the photo of VICTORIA and ALEXIS. She picks them up then looks out the window to a star in the sky. She bows her head in reflection.)


(VICTORIA is sitting back in a deck chair looking at the stars in the sky.)


(MICHAL walks down the stairs as JOSEPHINE enters the room from the front door and VICTORIA from the patio. They meet up in the foyer, standing equal distance apart. The camera circles the three. Their expressions are of sorrow, loss and emptiness, but the camera begins to spin faster and then slowly slows down, to show the three in white, with facial expressions being of happier, confident and strong. There are small bright lights swirling around each of them. The room turns back to normal again and they walk back out the way they came, in opposite directions.)




JOSEPHINE: Thank you Eddie. I won’t need you until Thursday so take the rest of the week off. (Steps away from the car and looks over to her personal assistant.) Vivian, have you arranged for Georgia to be here on Saturday? What time can I expect her? (Begins to walk up the steps to the front door.)

VIVIAN: Oh? She’s your stylist isn’t she? Let me check your schedule. (Drops paper everywhere as she searches for a time.) Oh, I am so sorry Miss Richards, I’ll have that time for you as soon as I, um… (Looks down at the mess around her and puts her hand to her head, as though it hurts.)

JOSEPHINE: (JOSEPHINE turns around to confront her, frustrated and trying to keep calm.) Look Vivian, for starters, my name is Josephine, or just for you plain old Josie will do. Secondly, I understand that you’re new at this, but you’re going to have to get used to it eventually, you know? (VIVIAN nods her head.) I don’t have the time to wait while you search. If I wanted someone to search I would have put that in the job description. I need you (Points to VIVIAN.) to (Stresses syllables in ‘remember’.) re-mem-ber. (Sarcastic/treating VIVIAN like a child.) You got that? “Re-mem-ber”? Yeah? (VIVIAN nods in fright and JOSEPHINE is now sarcastic and pissed off.) Okay, great.
(Phone rings and JOSEPHINE picks it up and hands it to VIVIAN.) Answer it for me. (Keeps walking forwards holding the phone behind her waiting for VIVIAN to take it after she sorts out all the paper.) Here, thanks. If it’s William tell him I’m in a meeting.

(JOSEPHINE walks up to the front door and hesitates before she opens it. She’s afraid and nervous. In the background VIVIAN is answering JOSEPHINE’S phone and telling William where JOSEPHINE supposedly is. JOSEPHINE goes to take hold of the handle when VIVIAN calls her.)

VIVIAN: I’m sorry Miss Richards, but Mr Van Alen says it’s important.

JOSEPHINE: (JOSEPHINE turns around with a sigh of relief but regains her confidence and takes the phone off Vivian roughly and covers the mouthpiece up with her hand, angry.) Thank-you. (VIVIAN goes to turn back around but is stopped by JOSEPHINE’S voice.) Jo-sie. Surely it can’t be that hard. (Takes her hand away from the mouthpiece and answers the call. Annoyed.) I’m in a meeting William, what can I do for you?

WILLIAM: (Enraged.) I specifically asked you to remind me to leave my files on the foyer table Josephine. Why weren’t they there this morning? Now I don’t have them and I’m late for my case.

JOSEPHINE: And that’s my problem? Get someone else to remind you. Hire someone if you have to, set an alarm, or why don’t you ask one of those thousand arse-kissing, so-called friends that you have to remind you. If you can’t handle your job William, just remember that I can help you end it. (JOSEPHINE slams the phone shut just as a frightened VIVIAN turns around after hearing the last few words. JOSEPHINE turns around to face the front door again, knocks a few times, pauses and opens it.)



JOSEPHINE: Could you talk to Victoria? She’s probably feeling a bit lost at the moment. You know, losing two of her family members at once. I just thought that you’d be the best person to help her deal with it.

MICHAL: (Suspicious) Is this where you push the tough jobs off on to me again? Come on Josie, you know I hate it when you do that.

JOSEPHINE: You have more spare time than I do and you’re a shrink. It’s a bonus. Besides, you’ve always been closer to her.

MICHAL: I’m a marriage councellor, not a child psychologist and Tori has always looked up to you – Josie with the million dollar job, flashy car and personal entourage.

JOSEPHINE: (Frowns) Oh I regret that. (Hands her the carrots)

MICHAL: Why don’t we both just talk to her? (JOSEPHINE goes to interrupt her in protest but MICHAL ignores her) Wait, speaking of talking, there was kind of something I had to talk to you about.

JOSEPHINE: (Goes to protest again but forgets what she was going to say and just nods her head and listens.) Okay.

MICHAL: (Pauses) How would you feel if Victoria spent a bit longer than just a few weeks with us?

JOSEPHINE: (Curious) What are you saying?

MICHAL: Something more permanent.

JOSEPHINE: (Confused) Custody? Of Tori? No way, Harriet wouldn’t have done that. She’s got plenty of friends.

MICHAL: (Ignoring her comment and continuing) I told Harriet that we’d look after her. Is that okay?

JOSEPHINE: Um Michal. Have you stopped to remember that I’m married at the moment? How would that work? William doesn’t like kids. I just can’t bring her home with me. William hit the roof when I brought Desmond home he’s just a dog. Anyway, I’m too busy to have a kid. I have priorities, like work.

MICHAL: For starters, I think kids are a bit different to dogs Josie and since when are you too busy to have kids? If you took some time to slow down from all your work you might actually be more human. Being human is good, being human means you have a life.

JOSEPHINE: I have a life thank you very much. It’s just very… busy.

MICHAL: (Shakes her head.) Well I’m telling Tori she’s welcome here. How you’re involved in her life is up to you.

JOSEPHINE: (Whinging) But they’re messy and…

MICHAL: (Sarcastic) And you aren’t?

JOSEPHINE: No, I’m not.

MICHAL: Oh I’m sorry I forgot you won Perfectionist of the Year. Josie, get a grip. It’s just your niece. What’s going to happen when you have your own kids?

(JOSEPHINE looks at her watch.)

JOSEPHINE: (Rushed) Look at the time, got to go. Victoria will be here at six.

(MICHAL looks over to her clock and then realises what JOSEPHINE said.)

MICHAL: You’re ditching me?

JOSEPHINE: I can’t help it if I have to go to work.

MICHAL: Josie, you need to slow down. You’re becoming masochist, anyone would think you enjoy being in this much pain.

JOSEPHINE: Who said I was in pain? I love my job Michal. It’s everything I always wanted. How many people can say they achieved their dreams? Is a marriage councellor really your lifelong dream? No, it isn’t, and I know this because you dreamed of being married and having a family when you were nine. I don’t want children, I don’t want a family. It’s not worth it.

MICHAL: Don’t tell me you hated being in this family. Our parents gave us everything. If it weren’t for them then where would we be? Look at us now. Look at the opportunities we were given. The only reason you’re in that dream job is because of family. Family has worked damn good for you Josephine, don’t turn your back on it.

(JOSEPHINE stands up and walks around to the back of the dining table.)

JOSEPHINE: It’s not worth it. We might have been given everything, but look at what it’s taken.

(JOSEPHINE leaves the room. MICHAL watches her exit.)



(Phone rings and MICHAL answers it.)
MICHAL: Hello?

CALLER: Hello I’m Jane Penny from Child Welfare and was hoping to speak with Michal Richards.

MICHAL: That would be me.

CALLER: Oh hello Miss Richards, how are you?

MICHAL: Fine, but you can call me Michal.

CALLER: Ok Michal, well I’m calling because I have a little surprise for you.

MICHAL: Victoria’ adoption is through?

CALLER: Not yet, but it will be in a couple of days. What I wanted to know is if you would consider adopting another little girl too.

MICHAL: Another one? But I, I think I’ll have my hands full with my niece, I don’t know if I could take on anyone else’s children.

CALLER: But I was talking about your other niece Miss Richards, the baby.

MICHAL: Baby? Are you sure?

CALLER: Positive. This little one is just adorable. I can’t believe the father would run off on her.

MICHAL: No, that’s not possible. Harriet only had one child she never mentioned another.

CALLER: Well this she was found at her address. Let me see, Alexandrina Penelope Harrington, born 24 December 2001 – just 18 months old. It’s definitely her.

MICHAL: Penelope. That was Mum’s name. But Harriet never told us about her.

CALLER: I don’t know. This angel is healthy and beautiful, but will you adopt her?

MICHAL: I, I guess so. I can’t very well give her up.

CALLER: You’re sure?’

MICHAL: I hope so.

(VICTORIA drop her bags in the corner of the foyer and waves to MICHAL on the phone. MICHAL gives a brief wave back and VICTORIA walks into the lounge room and sits on the couch.)

MICHAL: Okay, thank-you Mrs Penny. Bye.

VICTORIA: Welfare?

MICHAL: You know her?

VICTORIA: Yeah, she came to talk to me after the um, well.

MICHAL: Are you okay with staying her now?

VICTORIA: Definitely. I’d rather be here than in England. Are you sure it’s okay that I’m here?

MICHAL: Absolutely. We’ve got plenty of rooms, you can go pick one out after dinner if you like. I can show you around.

VICTORIA: Mum’s room. I think I’d like her old room.

MICHAL: Of course. (Awkward moment)

VICTORIA: So has the paper work gone through?

MICHAL: In a couple of days.

VICTORIA: Oh. So what were they calling about?

MICHAL: Um, About Alexandrina. You knew about her already don’t you?


MICHAL: Why didn’t you tell me about her? Why didn’t Harriet tell me about her?

VICTORIA: I guess she wanted you to accept her again, and me.

MICHAL: But it’s been months. She could have said something.

VICTORIA: Not Mum. She’s not like that.

MICHAL: I’m learning.

VICTORIA: So what’s going to happen to her?

MICHAL: What do you think should happen to her?

VICTORIA: It’s your decision, but I would like to be with her.

MICHAL: Thought you might like that, that’s why I’m going to adopt her.

VICTORIA: Really? Thank you Aunty Michal, you don’t know how much this means to me. And to Alexis.

MICHAL: Alexis?

VICTORIA: That’s what we call her.

MICHAL: Oh, right. Well, you’re going to have to tell me all about her over dinner.

(VICTORIA and MICHAL walk into the kitchen and MICHAL puts her arm around her niece.)



(MICHAL and DWAYNE walk in together and she throws her jacket down on a chair and he just follows behind.)

MICHAL: (MICHAL walks over to the window and opens it up.) We’ll have so much more work to do now. Two kids, and I’m only 24! (She puts takes the flowers from a stand and puts them on the dresser. DWAYNE follows behind her and puts the flowers he’s holding in his hand on the stand.) Then there’s Josie. She’s so frustrating. She is always at work, always tired. She needs to slow down and get a life. (Takes the flowers Dwayne just put down and moves them to the coffee table.) She tried to tell me that this family means nothing to her. (Lifts a gold ornamented box off the coffee table and take it over to the stand. She’s frustrated now.) As if. (Acts as if ‘she knows’…) I know she’s not really happy in that job and yet she still slaves away and I know she loves this family (DWAYNE interrupts her with a kiss. She looks at him strangely.) What was that for?

DWAYNE: You were rambling again. And Josie’s right, you’re a hypocrite, you work too hard. And care too much. And stress too much. And think about everybody else too much. And that is what I love about you.

MICHAL: (Looks at him smiling with a surprised/shocked expression.) Oh, so you like it when I’m stressed out? (Stands in front of her dressing table and straightens out the things on it.)

DWAYNE: (Hugs her from behind and they watch each other from the mirror.) No. Just the part where you care about everybody else. (MICHAL looks at the room and them in it and feels strange and uncomfortable. She turns away from the mirror with her back still to DWAYNE.) You have such a beautiful gift for helping other people Michal. (He turns her around and puts his arms around her.) You can make a room brighter just by walking into it. (They put their foreheads together and he whispers.) It’s magic.

MICHAL: (Michal smiles and whispers back.) Maybe I’m blessed.

DWAYNE: (Dwayne nods his head and they laugh together.) I think so.

MICHAL: Want to do go make something we’ll regret tomorrow?

DWYANE: Mmm… depends.

MICHAL: On what?

DWAYNE: On if it involves lots and chocolate.

MICHAL: And mess.

DWAYNE: Oh can’t forget that. (Laugh)

(MICHAL closes her eyes and pauses for a while as if in pain, then pulls away from DWAYNE.)




(JOSEPHINE is walking past MILAN’S bedroom door and sees her sitting on the bed. She stops as she remembers something she was supposed to tell her.)

JOSEPHINE: I um, (MICHAL looks up at her, pen in hand and waits for her to finish. JOSEPHINE thinks about it and realises it wasn’t very important.) never mind.

MICHAL: (Concerned, puts her pen down, closes her book, takes her glasses off and stands up and walks to the end of the bed.) What is it?

JOSEPHINE: No, it’s okay, you’re busy. (Turns to leave slowly but is stopped by MICHAL.)

MICHAL: (Mildly surprised/taken back, grabs JOSEPHINE’S arm and stops her.) Not too busy for my sister. Come in here. (MICHAL puts her arm around JOSEPHINE and leads her over to the chaise. MICHAL sits on the bed opposite her but then clutches her chest and cringes.)

JOSEPHINE: (Concerned) You okay?

MICHAL: (Lets go as the pain goes away) Yeah, I’m fine. It’s nothing. Where’s that husband of yours? (Looks towards the door.)
.`/JOSEPHINE: (Shrugs.) Work probably. He was supposed to come over this morning but well. Here I am. Husband-less.

MICHAL: (Teasing.) Too busy for his wife?

JOSEPHINE: Probably.

MICHAL: (Acts shocked/surprised.) What? (Looks at her, then at the door.) Did you just say ‘probably’? (JOSEPHINE nods her head, her face blank. MICHAL is concerned.) Josephine, what’s going on? (Pauses) Is there something I’m missing here?

JOSEPHINE: Nothing Michal, forget I said anything.

MICHAL: You know I can’t do that. Come on, we could always talk.

JOSEPHINE: Really Allie, it’s nothing. It doesn’t matter. I mean, he always comes home late from work, it’s no big deal.

MICHAL: You know, not everything turns out the way we want it to be. (JOSEPHINE doesn’t say anything, she just has a faraway look, then looks at MICHAL.) I can speak honestly with you can’t I?
(JOSEPHINE nods her head, ‘yes’. MICHAL then stands up and goes to sit beside JOSEPHINE.)
Ever since you were in high school all you could think about was your career and what you were going to make of yourself. You were never like everyone else. Most of us had our weddings planned by grade ten and I think I’m beginning to understand why. You’re the oldest, our big sister, you always had to be the responsible one. You always looked after us. Getting into law school and having a great career meant everything to you. You’ve given up every part of yourself to it and I don’t know how much you’ve left for love. I don’t think you and William…

JOSEPHINE: You don’t think that we’re in love.

MICHAL: No. I mean, you definitely suit each other, you’re both workaholics, I just don’t think you were, or are, ready for marriage.

JOSEPHINE: Said the unmarried marriage counsellor.

MICHAL: You said I could be honest.


MICHAL: Anyway. (MICHAL walks over to the bed and searches through the papers and pulls one out.) Here. (Hands the list over to Josephine.) This is the contract for me to buy you out of your share of the house, just as you asked for.

JOSEPHINE: (JOSEPHINE looks over the contract briefly and then puts it down beside her and looks at MICHAL.) What would you say if I considered staying here, more permanently.

MICHAL: You and William live here?


MICHAL: What about? (Was about to say ‘William’ and then realises JOSEPHINE was referring to getting a divorce, but asks to make sure.) Oh. Are you thinking about? (MICHAL looks at her cautiously.)

JOSEPHINE: (JOSEPHINE nods her head, not too upset.) Uh-huh.

MICHAL: (MICHAL indicates the house by pointing to the space she’s in.) And then you’re going to?

JOSEPHINE: (JOSEPHINE smiles.) Uh-huh.

MICHAL: (MICHAL flicks her head back, in a ‘get lost’ gesture.) And William can?

JOSEPHINE: (JOSEPHINE’S facial expression is a happy, ‘yeah, why not?’.) Uh-huh.

MICHAL: (MICHAL is excited and her face lights up as she gives JOSEPHINE a huge hug.) I am so happy for you.

JOSEPHINE: (JOSEPHINE hugs her in return.) Me too!



(JOSEPHINE’S mobile rings while she’s shopping, she answers it as she puts a suit back on the rack.)

JOSEPHINE: Josephine Richards.

WILLIAM: Hey gorgeous. Where are you?



(Steps out on to the street and starts walking down the footpath.)

JOSEPHINE: Why are you calling me?

WILLIAM: What’s the matter sweetheart?

JOSEPHINE: (She stops.) We’re going through a divorce William, you’re not supposed to be talking to me. I don’t want to talk to you.



(William is standing in a crowd on the opposite side of the street watching her walk and talk.)

WILLIAM: Oh come on. Why don’t you come down here to my office and we can sort things out? You don’t have to worry about it anymore. I’ve put my past behind me, you can do it too.

JOSEPHINE: The only things I’ll be putting behind me are my memories of the past five years with you.



JOSEPHINE: That’s Miss Richards to you and you can take any hopes you have of us getting back together and burn them, because I wouldn’t take you back if my life depended on it.

WILLLIAM: One day it might.

JOSEPHINE: Are you threatening me?


WILLIAM: How could I do that? Bye for now.


(JOSEPHINE takes the phone away from her ear and closes it. She looks across to the other side of the street thinking that she saw him, but dismisses the idea and walks on.)




(MICHAL walks into the kitchen and leans on the bench half asleep as JOSEPHINE is pouring cereal into a bowl.)

MICHAL: (Tired.) Hey.

JOSEPHINE: (Yawns and puts the cereal box in the cupboard behind her.) Morning Allie. How did you sleep? (Walks over to the fridge and takes out the milk.)

MICHAL: (Sleepily takes a glass from the cupboard and fills up her glass with water from the jug on the bench as JOSEPHINE walks over to the coffee machine.) Oh, you know.

JOSEPHINE: Unfortunately. (Puts two cups under the machine and turns the knob to turn it on, then walks over to her cereal and starts eating it. With cereal in one hand, JOSEPHINE takes two slices of bread out of the bread bin and puts them in the toaster.)

MICHAL: Someone came home early, this morning. (Pours milk into a jug and takes it over to the coffee machine.) Keeping someone’s bed warm are we?

JOSEPHINE: (Hands her cereal to MICHAL and takes up the milk jug to froth the milk.) Do me a favor and don’t ask questions.

MICHAL: (Puts the cereal down and walks over to the coffee machine.) That good huh?

JOSEPHINE: That is so not funny. (Turns the knob off on the frother and cleans the spout.)

MICHAL: What are you having?

JOSEPHINE: Macchiato.

MICHAL: Strong. Have you seeing Tori this morning? (Takes the fresh coffee and puts it on the bench and cleans the machine.)

JOSEPHINE: Victoria’s still on the coast. She won’t be back until… (Pauses to think.) I don’t remember which date. But it’s soon. (Picks up her cereal and coffee and takes it to the table. The toast pops up and MICHAL takes it out, puts it on a plate and takes it to the table.)

MICHAL: I can’t wait until she’s with us all the time. Being pushed off to a different relative every night’s killing her. Glum Victoria really isn’t very exciting; kind of depressing really. (JOSEPHINE goes to the fridge and takes out jam bottles and takes them to the table.)

JOSEPHINE: Mm. (Pause) Oh and Dwayne called this morning. (Picks up the phone and holds it out to MICHAL as she sips her coffee.)

MICHAL: Yep. (MICHAL walks past JOSEPHINE on the way to the table, not taking the phone from her.)

JOSEPHINE: (Takes a bite of toast and holds the phone out to MICHAL again.) Phone.

MICHAL: (Pauses before she sits down.) Nope.

JOSEPHINE: What do you mean, ‘no’? Dwayne called, remember him? All that studying is making you lose your memory. Okay, look at this. (Pulls Dwayne’s photo off the fridge and puts the photo directly in front of MICHAL’S face.) This is Dwayne. Dwayne is your boyfriend. You love him.

MICHAL: (Glares at her and snatches the photo out of her hand.) Yes I remember. (Puts the photo back on the fridge and puts the heart shaped magnet down on it hard.) I just don’t feel like talking to him right now. (Picks up the newspaper off the bench, walks back to her seat and starts to read.)

JOSEPHINE: Bump in the road?

MICHAL: (Continues to read and sip her coffee.) More like a bomb.

JOSEPHINE: Oh. One of those. Is that what happened last night? Did he do something bad? Oh wait, did her propose?

(MICHAL drops the paper on the bench.)

MICHAL: Time? (Looks at clock.) Gotta go. (Takes a disposal coffee cup and lid out of the cupboard and pours her coffee into it.)

JOSEPHINE: Hey you didn’t answer my question.

MICHAL: (Puts her cup into the sink, picks up her new cup, the newspaper and walks out.) No, I just avoided it and now I actually have to go because I’ve been avoiding my boss all week dreading giving him my two weeks notice. (JOSEPHINE follows her and stands there dumbfounded as MICHAL picks up her bag and keys and opens the door.) Bye. (MICHAL exits out the front door.)

JOSEPHINE: (Shocked) Your job? (Finally realises that MICHAL’S left.) Allie wait. (Opens the door to see MICHAL drive away.)




(The phone rings in the lounge room and JOSEPHINE answers it.)

JOSEPHINE: Josie speaking.

VICTORIA: Is Michal there Aunty Jo? (JOSEPHINE is confused at first, not expecting it to be VICTORIA.)

JOSEPHINE: (Looks towards the stairs and then back to the lounge room.) Victoria? Where are you?


JOSEPHINE: At school? (Shocked/surprised.) I thought you were still upstairs.

VICTORIA: (Blunt.) Nope. But I do need to be picked up.

JOSEPHINE: (Checks her watch first.) Okay, I’ll be right there.




(MICHAL is sitting at her desk and is shuffing the papers into a pile. She presses the button on her intercom.)

MICHAL: You can send Mr and Mrs Tarbet in Abby. (MICHAL hears yelling and knocking from out in the foyer.) And what’s going on out there?

ABBY: We’re having a problem out here Allie. You might want to come out.

(MICHAL walks from her office door and is shocked when a man goes flying past her.)


(Two men are brawling and a woman is trying to pull them apart. MICHAL stands back in awe and then quickly walks over to Abby who is standing behind her desk.)

MICHAL: What the hell is going on?

ABBY: I don’t know. The man in the suit came in and started punching Mrs Tarbet’s husband. (She points to Mrs Tarbet crouching in the corner.)

MICHAL: This is really cool to watch. (Stands, watches and smiles.) Remind me why I wanted to quit my job?

ABBY: (ABBY stops to think about it and counts each of the following on her fingers.) Stress, other peoples’ petty problems and lack of self control, no security-

MICHAL: (Realises she hasn’t done anything about the situation.) Oh my gosh, have you called security?

ABBY: They said they were on their way ten minutes ago.

MICHAL: (MICHAL points to the phone on the other side of the desk.) Pass me the phone. (ABBY hands her the phone and pushes the button for security.) This is Michal Richards. (Raised voice.) My secretary called you five minutes ago with a request for help. Where are you? (Pause) We don’t joke, we’re shrinks. (Pause) Yes, that’s why they call it an emergency you idiot. Get up here now! (Hangs up) Now I remember why I quit.
(ABBY stands back stunned. MICHAL is now calm)
Oh Abby, it’s not that big of a deal. People yell, I yell and you can yell too, okay? Get over it, let it go.
(SECURITY enters and pulls the two men apart.)
See what yelling gets you? Action. (MICHAL walk over to assist Mrs Tarbet and calms her down.)




JOSEPHINE: Make yourself comfortable. Can I get you something to drink?

VICTORIA: Coffee would be good. (Follows JOSEPHINE into the kitchen.)

JOSEPHINE: I understand Tori. I lost my mother and sister too, so if you need to talk I’m here.

VICTORIA: I know. I’ve got these grief councilors on my trail. I’m okay at the moment though.

JOSEPHINE: (Fills the kettle with water from the sink.) Where are you staying tonight?

VICTORIA: Aunty Jen’s. She’s got these ugly cats.

JOSEPHINE: Kit and Kat? I remember. (Takes two cups out of the cupboard.) They always used to follow me around, freaked my out. Harriet used to, I mean.

VICTORIA: It’s okay, you can say her name.

JOSEPHINE: It still seems so weird without her. (Pause) Do you want to stay with us tonight?

VICTORIA: (Pauses) I’d love to. (VICTORIA puts her hand on JOSEPHINE’S arm where her cut is and touches it accidentally). Thank you.

(JOSEPHINE turns to the sink to wash up and looks down at where VICTORIA had her hand on her arm and notices that the cut has healed.)

JOSEPHINE: (Stares at VICTORIA in shock.) That’s weird.


JOSEPHINE: My scar on my hand has disappeared. (VICTORIA looks at her strangely.) I had a scar from an old accident, but it’s gone.

VICTORIA: Oh well at least it’s gone. I’m feeling better now so is it okay if I take Mum’s car out?

JOSEPHINE: Um, sure.

VICTORIA: Thanks. See you later.

(JOSEPHINE looks at where she the scar was and then towards VICTORIA’S exit.)



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