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by Azumi
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just a diary
November 3
mood: for some odd reason, i feel like i am going to explode.
music: some REALLY good song by Finch.
yes, halloween was hectic. and hellish. we, as in me, amanda, jessica, min, nathan, cameron, brian, aaron, scott, lauren, nick-tony-bob, ryan, and kathy when wreaking havoc around the neighborhood. just kidding. we went to the park and got soaking wet because it was raining extremly hard. and i was swinging with nathan in the rain at night! it was incredibly awesome.
anyways, brian fell asleep in the rain and we found him lying there and we had to carry him home because he was suffering from hypothermia, and i really do not like thinking about the three police cars, ambulence, and fire truck that showed up at my house! very scary. anyways. he was here at school, thank you God. and he is much happier and he told me today on the interweb that he has learned that life is not worth wasting and i told him i was going to cry. he has finally realized that not all of life is crap! YAY. thank you God so much. anyways, today was just another lovely day. i went on a bike ride and i got to go when it was dark and i had my music and it felt like i was free! so i think that i will have to go biking with brian friday. yes fun fun.

it is funny. in math class i sit next to ross. and we are like this *crosses fingers*. we agree on everything and we talked a bunch today about how we like to bring out long elaborate answers to peoples questions. and we just kept going on and on and he is so cool. i mean, he is awesome. i must get him that violin he wants so badly. he is SO COOL! i can completely relate about the world and everything else with him. he is great.
i really need to crap, or something, i feel like i'm going to explode! literally.


November 5
no music and not feeling much
evening. yesterday i got in a slightly large arguement with mike, yes the flaming imbecile i sit next to in geometery. anyways, we were going at it when all of a sudden, Ross steps in (not literally...but you know what i mean). he's like "alright both of you stop," the pointing to mike he says "i know a lot about you both. i see you in the hallway and you think you're all that and you think you're always right..." and he said some more snappy stuff and then he points at me and says "and i KNOW she hasn't done anything!" and i just sat there in shock and mike and i both shut up and i can not believe he stood up for me, either because he just wanted me to stop bitching and moaning, or because he is just SO cool. anyways, that was probably the highlight of my day yesterday. nothing too exciting happened today, other than brian found a snake and chi is not on the phone with aaron for the first time in world history! its like a bloody record. anyways, i dunno. i am just kind of sick of people right now. and i need to get ross an electric violin still. i need to ask miss schemine. yesiree bob.


November 6
Music: DDR music while chi dances
Mood: mixed in a blender

Evening. Yesiree bob today was interesting. My brother is being an arrogant butt because he keeps pulling out these stoopid Popsicle sticks and it is getting really annoying. Anyways, here comes dad and now I think that I have to go clean the kitchen. Amanda is doing DDR. Fun fun. Egad. And I NEED to find the Halloween candy. Oh yes, the exciting part of my dad… today Jon sat in the seat in front of me on the bus and I sat behind him (duh). Anyways. He put his hand through the little crack between the seat and the window and he sorta waved and I waved back and then I sorta touched his hand and he started holding my hand and we were playing with each others fingers when I kinda freaked out and I took my hand back really quickly because the way I was feeling REALLY scared me. So I messed with my braid for a while and I was quite happy when he left. I do not know what I think. It really is insane though. I am not going to go flirt with people, and I do not want to gross people out, unlike Amanda who goes around and does it in front of everyone with Aaron. Egad. Oh well, I do not know what I think. Its sickening. But I guess I really like the feeling that Jon gave me today…but does he do it with everyone? I will never know.


November 7
music: fairly oddparents theme song
mood: suffering from some sort of hangover
yes last night was CRAP. i talked to brian on the internet and found out he still cut himself and that he still wanted to die. so i got stressed out, then i got in a fight with nathan and amanda said that i was being like min because i was ignoring Jon. so it was crap. so i got really upset and i cried and i talked to my mum for a long time and then she called brian's dad (!!) and he is alright now and i am not allowed to be on IM anymore, or atleast for two weeks. lovely. but hey, it doesn't bother me that much. i apologized to nathan and i still love amanda. so all is well. today, was a LOT better except for the fact that i felt like i had a COMPLETE hangover, even without a drink whatsoever. so now i am ALL better and i found these funny things on the internet!

Some examples of why the human race has probably evolved as far as possible. These are actual instruction labels on consumer goods...

On Sears hairdryer:
Do not use while sleeping.
(Gee, that's the only time I have to work on my hair!)

On a bar of Dial soap:
Directions: Use like regular soap.
(and that would be how?)

On a string of Christmas lights:
For indoor or outdoor use only.
(As opposed to use in outer space.)

On a Swedish chainsaw:
Do not attempt to stop chain with your hands.
(Raise your hand if you've tried this...)

FUNNY! i am going to finish watching Fairly Oddparents and then i want to get something to drink, because i am REALLY thirsty.


November 17

music: some crap on Launch Radio...wait it isn't crap! it is a NEW SONG BY FUEL CALLED FALLS ON ME!!! and it is aweeeeeesome
mood: pretty darn good actually

yes, today was one of the better days i have ever had. well, first it starts out that brian was the happiest i have seen him in days (plus one).
next, today while i was walking down that lonely white chlorine-smelling hallway, Kevin walked past me and sort of screamed "vampires" right next to me and like stared at me. i honestly do not know what his problem is, but i could not stop laughing and it scared amanda, which is another plus! i think i love kevin. ha...
next one, today at Target i hung out with Chism, Jessica, and Erin, and we were running around like mad baboons, clicking all the buttons on the baby toys and making mad noise. and then me and jess were pulling a Jim Carrey stunt through the guys clothes department and i look up real quick, and there, sitting in the photoplace in one of those ugly blue chairs, is TAYLOR. yes taylor. he was STARING at me. it was so funny. i think i love him too. ha ha... even funnier.
so anyway, erin's rollerblades were stolen so we were looking for a security guard and i figured it was getting real late so i decided to leave. i popped on my headphones, shoved my hands into my sweatshirt pockets, and made an AWESOME stroll past taylor and out the door. today was so FUN! i can not believe how good of a day it was. it is too unbelievable. it really is. something really bad is bound to happen now...oh well. i will just look back on this diary entry and smile, knowing that i had a GREAT monday.

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