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My eyes open and fix on the bedside clock. 9:30. I roll in bed, savoring the feel of the soft, cool bedclothes surrounding me. A bright, lush sunlight beams in through the sheer curtains. I smell coffee brewing and . . . is that? . . . french toast? or pancakes? Whatever it is smells great. I swing my legs out and stand up stretching, the sunlight washing over by bare chest, my flannel pajama bottoms soft against my legs. I follow the wonderful smells out of the bedroom of my one-bedroom apartment.

There she is. Valarie's in the kitchen, her back to me, mixing up something that I'm sure will be delicious as the coffee pot trickles slowly on the countertop and a plate of steaming pancakes cools next to it.

She doesn't notice that I'm up so I stand and watch her for a minute. What a vision she is for a Saturday morning though. She's wearing only a pair of pink cotton bikini panties and that short white tank-top that she loves to sleep in. Her bright red hair barely covers the back of her neck. The old tank-top comes to about an inch above her waist, exposing the white fair skin at the small of her back just above the panty-line. Her adorable ass, concealed under the thin material of her underwear, moves a little with the motion of her mixing. And those amazing long, smooth, white legs, perfect in every way.

I had woken up with a moderate hard-on, as usual, but now I was tenting the crotch of my pajama bottoms. I stepped forward to join her in the kitchen and she heard me.

"Hey baby," she smiled cheerfully at me over her shoulder as she continued mixing. "Want some breakfast?"

"Mmm." I sighed as I came to stand directly behind her. "Smells great. What are you doing?"

"Makin' muffins." she answers. I put my hands on her hips, loving the feel of her cool soft skin and the waistband of her panties under my fingers.

"You are the best." I say and press my nose against the back her head to smell her hair. My cock, now throbbing under the material of my pajama bottoms, pokes her ass through her panties.

"Well," she giggles when she feels my erection against her gorgeous backside, "looks like someone's happy to see me." She pushes her bottom back into me so that my cock nestles into the crack of her ass, our flesh separated only by the soft material of my bottoms and her thin panties.

I move my hands around and caress her bare belly, exposed under the bottom of the short tank-top. She sighs as her mixing slows and I move one hand down to the waistband of her panties. I start to kiss her neck softly as I slide my hand down into the front of her panties. She sighs again and leans her head back, her hands still making a mixing motion, but not really mixing. My hand finds the soft thatch of her pubic hair and I press her back into my groin, my cock still entrenched in her ass crack.

"Oh, god, you feel so good." she coos as my hand slides further down into her underwear. I find the soft flesh of her slit and press my finger between her pouty pussy lips. She's getting wet and I love the feel of her sweet juice on my hand. I start to slowly rub my finger and hand back and forth between her warm pussy lips and back over her clit, feeling the soft material of her panties against the back of my hand, then make gentle circular motions, making her gasp as her clit hardens and her pussy juice starts to flow. "Oh yessss," she sighs, her eyes close as she leans her head back against my shoulder. She's still holding the spatula inside the mixing bowl, but it's not moving anymore.

As my hand works on her ever-dampening pussy, my other hand slides up to under her tank-top to caress the soft flesh of her small, pert tit. I squeeze and take her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, squeezing and twisting it gently. She groans now, her breathing getting quick in her excitement.

I love turning her on this way. I can always get a hard-on just looking at her, but when I hear her moan in pleasure from my own ministrations, there's nothing in the world that turns me on more.

Slowly, I pull my hand out of her panties and out from under her tank-top. She whines, obviously not wanting me to ever stop . . . but I've got a better idea.

Sliding my hands back around to her hips, never taking them away from her gorgeous creamy white skin, I squat behind her so that my face is mere inches from her beautiful panty-covered ass. My cock has wedged the material between her butt cheeks so that the soft flesh of her ass is visible around the bottom edges of her panties.

I can hear her breathing harder and her cool skin is getting warm. She doesn't look back down at me, just waits for what she knows is coming.

Hooking my fingers into the elastic of her panties, I slowly pull them down off her hips, watching with increasing lust as the pink material caught in her crack drags loose. I slowly pull them down, caressing her milky white thighs as I do. She lifts her feet slightly, letting me pull the panties completely off. I toss them aside and she plants her feet further apart so that her bare pussy is perfectly exposed to me, inches from my face. I can smell her sex, that musky female scent that drives me insane with desire for her every time. I admire her perfect pussy, the delicate skin turning pink from her arousal, glistening with her wetness.

I run my hands up and down her thighs, then up to her gorgeous ass, carressing it as she pushes her backside out to me, wanting me to take her. "God baby, you're so beautiful." I say and press my face to the soft flesh of her ass. She moans, leaning against the counter for support, still holding the spatula in one hand. I open my mouth and softly bite the soft white flesh of her butt. She loves it. She groans.

"What is it you want, baby?" I tease. "Tell me what you want me to do."

"Ugh, fuck baby, don't tease," she pleads, her voice trembling and desperate. "Oh god, lick my pussy baby. Stick your tounge in there. Do me good, baby. Please baby, please."

My hands firmly on her ass, I spread her cheeks exposing her lovely pink pucker and her steaming wet pussy. I dive in. She shivers and groans deeply as soon as my tounge touches the hot wet flesh of her pussy. "Oh yeah, baby, that's it." she moans. I push my tounge in, pushing past her lips into her hot sex, tasting her sweet pussy like nectar. I push my tounge in as far as it'll go and feel her pussy contracting around my tounge and hear her squealing with pleasure.

"Ungh, fuck yeah baby, ungh that's so fucking good! Stick it all the way in." She bends one knee, lifting her leg a bit to give me better access. I hold my tounge inside her as long as I can, then pull it out and go to work on her clit. My hands still firmly grasping her hot ass, I slide my tounge back and forth over her slit, paying extra special attention to her pretty clit, careful not to suck on it too hard, she hates that.

She's gasping and practically in tears now with the ecstasy of it. "Oh fuck baby, don't stop! That's it, right there! That's the spot! OH FUCK yeah, eat my pussy baby! Eat me!" She lifts her leg up higher so that her thighs are at a 90 degree angle, and my face is buried in her hot box. I can feel her sticky warm juices coating the bottom half of my face as the tip of my nose occassionally bumps her cute asshole.

"Oh fuck baby!! yesss! Shit, don't ever stop! Baby I'm gonna cum so fucking hard!! Don't stop!" she begs, her voice a continuous sob, sounding as if she were pleading for her life. I'm totally turned on by it and lick eagerly at her burning cunt, now making lewd slurping noises against her sweet pussy.

Then I feel her tense up and shove her rear down onto my tounge. "Oh god, oh fuck ... ungh ... uh, uh, aaaaaahhhhh!!" she squeals and I feel her pussy spasm around my tounge. More of her sweet juice pumps into my face and I lap it up as her small body thrashes against my face, her orgasm taking seige of every muscle in her body. She grunts and gasps as her orgasm passes.

I pull my face out from between her thighs, covered in her sweet nectar, and she drops her leg. She's leaning on the counter as she gasps, recovering from her orgasm, the spatula still clenched tightly in her hand.

I stand up behind her, holding her hips and press my throbbing groin back into her ass. "Was that it baby? Was that what you wanted?" I ask.

She turns around a little weak-kneed and, grabbing my head in her hands, kisses me roughly, passionately, tasting her own pussy on my lips. Our tounges dance as I grip her body tightly against me, grinding my hot, throbbing erection into her naked belly, my crotch now showing a small wet spot of pre-cum.

She abrubtly breaks our hot kiss with a wet smacking sound and, in one swift motion, squats in front of me, roughly pulling my pajama bottoms down around my knees as she goes down. My erection springs free and when she takes the shaft gently in one hand, I nearly explode all over her. I fight it off and watch her as she opens her mouth to lick my balls, she knows I love that. She slowly strokes my engorged cock in her small delicate hand and it's pure heaven as I feel her warm breath caress my balls, the feeling amplified a million times by her hot wet tounge.

"Ooooh, god baby, that's so fucking good." I moan. Now I'm feeling a little weak in the knees myself and lean back on the opposite counter of the small kitchenette of my apartment. She can see that she's driving me crazy and as she looks up at me with those amazing green eyes, she takes my hot cock into her warm, wet mouth and sucks hard.

"Uuuuungh! Oh fuck yeah, baby!" I groan, throwing my head back. With one hand at the base of my cock, she starts to move her beautiful face back and forth over the shaft, sucking all the while, a slurping noise emanating from her lips now and then, making my dick completely wet. "Ungh, yeah that's it baby. Suck that cock for me. Ungh, fuck that's so good!" Her lips come to mid-length on my shaft. I'm a little better than average in length, but good and thick where it counts, and hard as fucking steel, making it difficult for her to take me all the way in. But she works my cock over like a pro, using her tounge on the pulsing head and squeezing me at the base, sending electricity up my spine and out to every limb.

"Oh fuck baby, your mouth is so fuckin' hot!" I groan. She starts to suck harder and faster now, watching my eyes all the while, her silky red hair swaying slightly with the motion of her head.

"Oh shit, baby, slow down," I plead with desperation in my voice, "I don't wanna cum yet. I wanna fuck you before I cum." She pulls her mouth off my cock, the air feeling cool against my spit-wet dick. She strokes it gently in her hand as she smiles up at me.

"What do you wanna do to me?" she asks smiling naughtily up at me, her hand teasing my cock.

"Urgh, fuck baby," I grunt down at her, lust pumping through my blood, "I wanna fuck you so bad, honey. I want you so bad right now." I lick my lips, still tasting her wet sex on my lips.

"How do you want to do it? Huh?" It's her turn to tease now, and she knows she's making me insane with her hand delicately but expertly maneuvering over my throbbing wet erection. "Huh, baby? How do you want to fuck me? Tell me what you want?" Her free hand slides down her belly between her gorgeous thighs. She starts to slowly play with her pussy as her free hand glides up and down my cock, staring me straight in the eye as she does so.

It's too much for me, I have to have her right now. I reach down and grab her firmly at her biceps and pull her to her feet, my exposed cock poking and smearing pre-cum and her own saliva against the bare, white flesh of her smooth belly.

"I wanna fuck you hard, honey. I wanna fuck you so fucking hard." I groan as I slowly push her back agains the opposite counter, her sweet ass bumping the edge of the countertop. Her beautiful eyes staring back into mine with lust, passion, desire; desire for me, she wants me as bad as I do her, and just knowing that makes me want her even more.

Grabbing her firmly at her hips, I lift her onto the countertop, knocking over the mixing bowl and spilling the muffins-to-be. Neither of us pay it any mind and I quickly strip off my pajama bottoms, which were still hanging loosely around my knees.

I'm standing completely naked in front of her, my cock hot and wet and hard and ready to explode. She spreads her thighs wide open for me, inviting me, showing me that burning pink pussy again. She leans back and braces herself against the wall, shoving her pussy forward at me, her ass half off of the countertop.

"C'mon baby. I want you to fuck me." she gasps at me. We're both sweating now and breathing hard. "C'mon stick that fucking thing in me! Fuck me hard, baby! I want it so bad!"

Her amazing beauty hits me again as a I look at her, leaning back against the wall, her silky red hair sticking to her forehead in places from the sweat, her firy green eyes burning into me, her hard, pink nipples straining against the thin material of her tank-top, as she puts a hand between her widely spread thighs and caresses the soft burning wet flesh of her pussy.

She spreads the soft, wet outer flesh of her pussy to show me her pink insides and I bend down to take another taste. I lick at the soft folds, wet and smelling of her hot sex, and she bucks her hips forward into my face, moaning, "Oh fuck, baby, please don't tease me any more! I want you inside me!"

I pull my face out of her crotch and stand between her splayed thighs. I take my raging hard-on in hand and touch the head to her pussy. We both sigh. I push into her slowly, just getting the head of my cock past her outer lips, and she gasps.

"Shit, baby," she growls at me in lustful frustration, "just fuck me!"

Taking hold of her hips, I push in firmly, my cock sliding easily into her well lubricated pussy until I'm completely inside of her. She squeals and throws her head back, banging it against the cabinet door behind her head. She doesn't even seem to notice it though. I pull her pussy onto my cock and hold it there, savoring the ecstasy, feeling the wet heat inside her, her tight box gripping me, every inch of me and squeezing.

"Oh FUCK, you feel so fucking good baby!" I groan. I start to pump into her burning twat hard and fast, my hips slapping loudly against her inner thighs with each thrust. I look down and watch my engorged cock slide in and out of her gorgeous pink pussy, my balls slapping against her asshole from the force of my thrusts.

Valarie's gasping and grunting with each hard thrust, "Ungh ... ahh ... ungh, ungh, ... oh, shit ... that's it ... fuck me just like that baby ... c'mon make me fucking cum!" She wraps her legs around me completely, trying to pull me into her burning snatch deeper and harder.

With one hand firmly gripping her waist, I slid my other hand under her tank-top and take hold of one of her beautiful small tits. I squeeze and she groans. With one hand she pulls the bottom of her shirt up and holds it there, exposing to me, for the first time this morning, thost gorgeous white mounds, bouncing slightly in time with my pounding, the tiny pink nipples, rock hard and staring back at me. I lean forward, still fucking her as hard as I can manage, and take one in my mouth, sucking hard on it, making her scream, "OOOOHHH, oh god that's fucking good! Suck on my tit while you fuck me baby, that's it!"

Her head bangs against the cabinet again, harder this time, and I see her wince. I help her. Putting a hand behind her back, I pull her forward. She throws her arms around my neck and our faces are mere inches apart. I keep fucking her, hard and fast, my cock ready to explode at any second. Impossibly, it seems, I hold it back. I have to get her off. I have to make her cum one more time before I can let go.

She leans her forehead against mine as I continue to slam my hips into her. Her gorgeous eyes are glazed over with passion and lust as she stares back at me. I can see it, she's getting close. Her legs grip my waist harder and she buries her hands in my hair, gripping it painfully as her face starts to twist in ecstasy. She's gasping and grunting as I pound her pussy with everything I've got.

We stare into each others eyes, and I whisper, "C'mon baby, cum for me again. Do it. Give me one more."

She starts to shreak at the top of her lungs. Her face twists as if she's in pain, her eyes locked on mine. I slam my cock deep into her burning pussy harder now. "OOOOOOHHHH, FUCK, I'm cu ... cumming!! AAHH, don't stop, please don't stop, I'm gonna fucking cum again, oh FUUUUCK!"

I grab her fully around the waist with my arm and pull her to me, almost lifting her off the countertop, pounding my cock into her sweet, wet hot pussy with all of my being. She throws her arms around me and digs her nails into my back. She shreaks her orgasm with her face buried in my neck, the strawberry scent of her hair in my face mixing with the musky smell of sex. Her tight pussy spasms uncontrollably around my dick, her body thrashing in my arms as she shakes with a huge orgasm.

I can't hold back anymore. As Valarie's soft, hot body vibrates under my grip, her pussy contracting around my cock as I pound it into her with brute force, I cum. I feel my orgasm shoot through me, starting in my groin and lighting every nerve ending in my body on fire like a chain reaction. I continue to slam into her as my cock explodes, filling her sweet pussy with my seed. I groan loudly, uncontrollably, as, spurt after heavenly spurt, I fill my girl up with my hot spunk. It seems to go on forever and I grip Valarie's body tightly as I cum inside her, her body recieving it, welcoming it, her nails dragging across the skin of my back, her teeth biting softly into the flesh of my neck.

When it passes, I hold her body loosely against mine, her legs still wrapped around me, her ass planted on the edge of the countertop. I hold my slowly softening cock inside her as the heat from our bodies seems to warm the room and we breathe heavily against each other, the sweat making our skin slick. My cock slips out of her as I go soft, her pussy wet and a little sore.

She lifts her head and, still panting, smiles at me with those incredible eyes. I smile back and we giggle like teenagers as we kiss.

"Oh no!" she whines suddenly.

"What's wrong?"

"The pancakes are cold."

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