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For those who have loved and lost. thoses voices are comin to trick us.
It dwells within, festering beneath the surface
growing stronger, more voices join the parade
Relentlessly they continue, to orgastrate the pain
alone in my own reality, alone in all the rest
I'm left wiht my depravity, and these scars on my chest
How did it all escape me, i saw no forked tounge
So WHY are you so happy, as you leave me here to burn
There is no one here to see me, no one shall ever know
I wait here for the ferry man, with two coin in my hand
Hatred overwhelms me, and still i do not understand,
Why when i lose myself in thee, i forget how my world came to end.
So this is true reality, as everything withers and dies
Now i embrace my insanity, for this is all that i am.
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