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by mapo
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A reply to "F Work", from his point of view.
I can't take my eyes off you. These reports have to go out today, but all I can do is stare across the office at your tight body, your perfect ass wrapped in that short denim skirt, your tits trying to poke through that blouse, buttoned only half-way up so you can be sure to tease me all day long, drive me insane with lust.

I watch you lean over to pick up your pen, your smooth soft white tits straining against the material of your blouse, pink nipples poking through, taunting me.

I think about it, imagine it. Just grabbing you out of that chair, throwing you across your desk, and burying my rock hard cock into that sweet soft pussy. No foreplay, nothing. Just fucking the shit out of you until I pull my cock out and pump a load of cum all over your shocked face.

I'd do it right now if it wasn't for the voices next door and the people passing in the hallway outside, the door to our office slightly open.

Now I see your hand moving between your legs. Are you...? You are. Ugh, fuck, you little tease. You're playing with that tight little pussy as my eyes bore into your back, lust burning me up, making me sweat. My cock is straining against the crotch of my pants. I reach down and rub it, feeling my boxers wet from my pre-cum. You dirty slut, teasing me like this. Keep it up and I'll take it from you, whether you want it or not.

You flip your hair and glance back at me as your hand still works under your skirt, your thighs slightly apart. You see me rubbing myself and, this time, I don't hide it. I know you want it, want me to slam my monster prick up into that tight hole, fill you up with my meat, ravage that sweet pussy of yours, make you cum over and over again as I get myself off.

My jaw drops as you spin your chair around and I see your delicate fingers working between your thighs. You're asking for it now. There's only so much I can take. You spread your legs further, torturing me, your eyes closed, smiling, as I watch your fingers dip into the soft pink flesh of your wet pussy, the crotch of your cotton panties, wet, and pushed to the side. My cock is so hard now it hurts and it's practically busting through the front of my suit pants.

That's all I can stand, you fucking tease.

I open the front of my pants and unzip my fly, making sure you hear me do it. I pull my engorged uncircumcised cock out through the front of my boxers, pulsing and hard as steel. I stand up and walk over, standing in front of you, my rock hard cock pointing right at your face. You smile up at me knowingly with those baby blue eyes and close your legs, pulling your short skirt back down.

Oh no, honey. You're not gonna play that game.

I grab you around the waist and pull you out of the chair, dropping your ass down on your desk. I try to push your legs apart by your knees, but you resist, shaking your head at me nervously, playing the good girl now, just like a cocktease should.

But I know better. I force your thighs apart as you whisper, "Don't". But I ignore you. You started this, now I'm gonna give you what you've been asking for my little slut. I tear at your blouse, the buttons popping and flying off, your gorgeous full milky white tits spring free and I instantly take one of those perfect pink nipples in my mouth, sucking roughly and circling it with my tounge. You moan despite yourself, still trying to get out from under me, pretending you don't want this.

I put my hand between your thighs and find the sopping wet crotch of your cotton panties. You're so wet, I can smell the sex coming from between your legs. I rip your soiled panties off, and you groan. Your body is hot now under my grip, but you keep up the act, squirming.

Without warning, holding your shreaded panties in my other hand, I shove two fingers deep, really deep, into that hot fucking pussy and immediately start to pump them in and out of your steaming sex.

Enough of that, I want mine what's coming to me now. I pin you down on the desk, holding you firmly with both hands and line my throbbing prick up with your slick hole. I shove it in the wet velvet of your pussy and it's heaven. Your pretty blue eyes bulge in your head and you gasp. You're pussy's so fucking tight, I know you've never had a cock as big as mine. I immediately start to bang your pussy hard, harder than you've ever had, slamming it in and out like a goddam jackhammer.

You groan and whine as I fuck your pussy hard, practically in tears . . . and it turns me on even more. You keep trying to push me away, but I pay you no mind, just keep fucking that tight pussy, harder with every thrust. You seem to love being raped this way, and I'm more than happy to give it to you.

I'm close to cumming, close to filling that tight snatch with my thick, hot seed. You're close too, we're both breathing hard and gasping.

I look up and see the division manager watching us throught the partially open door with a stern look on his face. I almost stop fucking you out of a moment of panic, but then again - fuck it, we're both gonna be fired anyway, and your pussy is too fucking heavenly to abandon now.

I rut into you harder and faster now, looking the boss in the eye as he watches me rape you. You finally give in and throw your hands around my neck, your legs wrapping around my ass to make me fuck you harder . . . and we both explode.

I pump a gallon of jizz into your hot pussy while you cum, thrashing under my grip, gasping and moaning in ecstasy.

I pull my softening cock out of your sloppy wet pussy as the boss pushes the door open and takes in the sight of you, half naked across your desk, legs spread as my cum oozes out of your tight pussy onto the papers on your desk.

You lay back, panting. You look back up at him with those baby blues and smile.

He smiles back . . .

(to be continued)
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