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A demon who can't control his power gets shrunk.
"Mmmmmm..Gah...."A hand with long thin pale skinned fingers slammed down on the snooze button of a blaring alarm clock.Slowy he pulled himself out of the full size bed pulling the top blanket down to the floor with him.As he shook his head and got to his hands and knees.He stood up slowly his long black hair hanging down in his face.The blanket fell down to his feet and he stepped over in heading towards the bathroom.Lazily he opened the bathroom door and almost tripped inside,He caught himself with the help of the cold marble counter and got a firm plant on the tile of the bathroom.Flipping the light switch on, he threw his head back his hair flying out of his face.He opened both eyes all the way.Stareing at himself in the mirror,His Red pupils looking over his thin normal built body.His long sharp demonic ears twitching lightly as he kept staring at himself.He looked to his toothbrush on the opposite end of the vanity and sighed lightly.Then his long black leathery tail appeared in the mirror and wrapped around the middle of the tooth brush,He brought the toothbrush to his hand and gripped it as tight as he body would let him this morning."Ziel! Hurry up" The demon boy turned towards the knocking on his door and smiled as he brought his toothbrush up and began to brush.As he went over his long fangs a knock came on the door again this time louder."COME ON I HAVE TO GO!"Ziel opened the door and looked up at his older sister Jenna.As he took a step out she pushed him aside and her wings slapped him lightly.He walked back to his room still in his boxers his tooth brush still in his mouth.He stumbled over a few items of clothing and such on his way to his dresses and opened the middle drawer.He took out a pair of black baggy pants and a white tank top.He put his cloths on and then as he was walking out of his room he grabbed his Hoodie with the extra large hood.Just as he was stepping out his room his sister was coming out of the bathroom Fully dressed and beaming with life."I feel so much better after a shower."She pushed Ziel aside again,and he stepped into the bathroom spitting the buildup of the tooth paste into the sink. Ziel was the black sheep of the family,He didn't have wings and he couldn't control his demon powers very well.Kids at school would often laugh at him due to his lack of skills and laziness.

Ziel hit the first landing of the steps in his home and then jumped down the rest of the flight.He landed at the bottom of the stair case with a light thud and made his way to the kitchen.He looked at his sister who was still smiling at him.~I thought she would be mad about the day I gave her yesterday...Whatever~Ziel thought to himself.He opened the fridge and pulled a cartoon of orange juice drinking right from the cantainer.Ziel placed the orange juice back on the top shelf of the fridge.He turned to head out the door when he stopped and held his gut.He grabbed the door knob but couldn't hold on to it as he blacked out.The last thing Ziel saw was his sister standing over him laughing now.Ziel awoke to the slight rocking of wherever he was and rubbed the back of his head lightly still slightly droswy.Ziel quickly stood up as something hit him in the back.He turned and as his eyes adjusted it looked like a bottle of Nail polish.Ziel made his way over to the bottle and his eyes picked up the fancy golden font letters Crimson passion.~Wait.....Thats the type of Nail polish my sister uses.....~Ziel looked up at the slight crack of light and rubbed his chin.As he looked around the rest of his dim prison he found alot of cosmetic style things Brushes ect.Then something shot threw Ziel's mind,~Okay...I have seen all of the stuff before...My sister was standing over me when I blacked out...So...The only answer to this is...I'm Shrunk and I'm in her purse...~Just as Ziel came to his deduction the floor of the purse flattened out quickly.Then light flooded into the purse,Ziel covered his eyes as he felt himself being lifted out from the purse.As his eyes adjusted to the light he found his sister..now only 1000 times bigger than Ziel.She laughed again and blew into Ziel face messing up his hair.He opened his eyes after the wind stopped and asked the only question he could think of."WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?!"Ziel yelled as loud as he could but it only came out as a Small squeak to Jenna."What was that LITTLE brother I didn't hear you."Jenna held Ziel closer to her slender sharp ear the smile never leaving her face."I SAID--"Ziel was cut off as Jenna gave him a tight squeeze and held him in front of her mouth again."Now Ziel,I know for a fact your not stupid.How hard is it to relize that I shrunk you.And if your next questions is how then I may have been wrong about you."Jenna held him closer so she could hear his reply.". . .The orange juice....". . .Ziel slapped his forehead and sighed."Yep,Your the only person in the house who drinks it,So it was the perfect way."Jenna laughed again her fangs gleaming in the light of the empty class room.Then Jenna stuffed Ziel back into the Purse as people started to come into the room,He was almost impaled by a pen.Ziel world became dim again and he paced back and forth.~Why...hmmmm..HOLD ON!~Ziel lifted the sleeve of his hoodie some and exposed his watch.He pressed one of the buttons and the face of the watch lit up with a neon blue."November, 23, 2013... Oh no the new Heir to the family will be picked today...I forgot!!!!"Ziel grabbed his head and shook a few times.~Well...It looks like Jenna is going to be the ruler of the family now..How could I forget and fall to something so stupid!~Ziel sat down on the pen that almost killed him and closed his eyes waiting for this class to end.A few hours later Ziel opened his eyes and heard the muffled sounds of Jenna talking to the librarian.

Ziel felt the purse being set down again and he covered his eyes knowing that light was about to blind him again.The zipper opened and Jenna reached in and grabbed Ziel again.Ziels eyes quickly adjusted to the light and he looked around to see Jenna's best friend Angela.Ziel never noticed before but Angela was hot,She had a tight red halter top on.Her breasts were now like mountains and her lips looked so smooth and soft.Ziel had given himself a small bulge but closed his eyes trying to make it go back down before Jenna could feel it."100 bucks and he's yours." Ziel opened his eyes in shook as he heard the words come from Jenna's mouth."YOUR GONNA SELL ME!"Jenna nodded slightly and then handed Ziel to Angela.Angela grinned evilly and placed two fifty dollar bills on the table.Angela quickly got up and placed Ziel into the pocket of her somewhat baggy pants.It took a while for Ziel to notice that Angela was trying to talk to him through telepathy.~*Hmmmmm,What should I do with my new slave???*~Ziel laughed lightly and tried to stand up only to be knocked down again by Angela's long strides.~How about returning me to my normal size and letting me go?~Ziel heard Angela laugh lightly and then she came on through the mental link again~*Oh no,Then I would miss out on a nice midnight snack.*~Ziel just gave up and rested in Angela pocket for the next 4 hours.Ziel's eyes opened swiftly at the sound of a slamming door,It didn't sound like the heavy school doors more like a house door.Ziel felt himself going up stairs again and knew what was about to happen.another door slammed and the loud thud of Angela's book bag hitting the floor rung through ziel's ears.Then Ziel was pulled out from angela's pocket as she plopped down on her king sized bed.She had taken her shoes off and had her feet hung idly in the air.They were so cute they looked silky and smooth looming over Angela's head.Her nails looking to have just been tended to and painted a pretty pink color.Ziel Snapped out of his foot trance as Angela brought him towards her beautiful lips.Then her long slender beat red tongue broke her lips and licked Ziel once drenching him in Saliva.Angela brought her tongue back into her mouth and smiled."You know the first day I saw you in the hall way I knew you tasted good.But damn not that good...I think I might lick you to death now."Ziel shook his head hard sending saliva everywhere.By now he knew it was pointless to try and yell at her but he knew he could still mentally contact her.~Why kill me at all what I ever do to you?!?!~Ziel was quiet confused."It's quite simple..I told Jenna to tell you to call me and you never did NOBODY STANDS ME UP,NOBODY!"

~. . . .Jenna had this planned...she never told me to call Angela. . . .~Ziel sat in the pitch black.Angela had him in an old hamster cage.The wheel was old and barely spun and the water was warm tap water.Ziel was glad he still had his pop tart he didn't have a chance to eat.they were slightly crushed but they were still good.After finishing up Ziel threw the wrapper on the hard floor of the cage and made his way to the wheel.He moved it back and forth slightly with his hand causing it to make a loud creaking sound.He jumped inside of the wheel and laid down with one leg over the end.He looked at his watch once more and sighed."I gotta find a way outta here." Ziel brought his hand up to his chin and rubbed slightly thinking hard.He smiled and made his way to the side of the cage.He ran his hand over the glass and then brought his fist back.A red aura formed around his fist and Ziel punched the glass with the force.The glass cracked slightly and Ziel pushed a chunk out.He climbed out the hole and looked at his new....Bigger world.Angela stirred slightly in her bed and turned over still asleep.Ziel gritted his teeth and jumped off the desk and free feel for what seemed like forever.Ziel hit the floor the impact slightly softer by the carpet.By the looks of Ziel guessed he was 3 or 4 inches tall."Okay...List of things to do..Get back at my sister and Angela,Get back to normal size,win the Hrnor of my family...Not it that order but hey it gives me a Good place to start.Ziel Generally bound across the carpeted floor making a Dash towards Angela's bed.The last place he wanted to be when the house became active was on the floor.He could just picture becoming a Red smear on the bottom of Angela's boot.Shutting slightly at the thought ZIel came to the base of one of the bed posts and looked up. It seemed to be a Mile high above him."This...Might take a while..." Ziel Jumped up trying to get on a small head start on the post and began climbing.

As Ziel pulled himself up to the soft pink sheets of Angela's Bed he fell down and resting breathing hard. His Arms were killing him, He flexed them slightly sweat rolling down his face.Pulling himself up slowly to his feet Ziel sighed once more at the long tread he now how to endure to get to Angela's Face.As Ziel neared Angela's huge perfect shaped ass he checked his watch pulling his hoodie sleeve up again."5:30.....Hmmm better get a move on"Ziel started a Light jog each step making a light swish on the heavily soft sheets.Ziel came to a Stop as He stood in front Of Angela's face, Her eyes were closed and she was sleeping soundly."I'm glad she was bluffing on the midnight snack trip."The Air from Angela breathing in and out was swirling all around Ziel as he stood his ground.His Large hood whipped loudly his Pants making the same flowing motion.

~~~~END of Part 1~~~~~
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