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This piece is a response to a question about why pro wrestling fans watch the product.
Here are some reasons that people get into watching pro wrestling.

1) Those of us in the know have known that pro wrestling (sports entertainment, if you will) has been scripted for a LONG time. The outcome of the match is almost always known to the people involved in the match for as long as it can be remembered (except, sometimes, in a shoot). Some high spots are also known, but generally, only the outcome is pre-determined. From there, it's totally up to the participants involved how the match actually progresses. They determine what to do, when to to it and how to go about it. But that's beside the point. Given recent history, it's not always known to the fans that watch what the outcome is going to be, or how it's going to be played out. In all actuality, that's part of the fun of it.

2) While we're talking soap opera... Let's go there, shall we? Back in the day, sports entertainment wasn't about the big soap opera that it's become today. You know why...? Because fans of the product at that time were more interested in the athleticism and actually watching the participants WRESTLE, than any storyline that may be involved. Yeah, there still needed to be some reason for these women and men to be "fighting," but it wasn't about that. It was about seeing these people perform (and, I'm still about the performances, more than the storylines, for the most part). Much like reading a book, watching a movie, and yeah... Even your aforementioned football... It was about escape. Escape from their usual daily activities... Escape from some of their issues. It was about watching the good guys vs. the bad guys in the ring... The all-encompassing struggle of good vs. evil. Especially watching the "babyface" get beaten into oblivion by the heel, only to have him (or her) eventually come out on top in the end.

3) Outcomes... This kind of goes hand in hand with the last point. People DO get caught up in what's going on in the "ring wars." That's part of the point. But what it deals with, on a more psychological level, is the fact that the fans of the product get into the characters. They find something that they can relate to, which in turn, gives them something to care about (whether they love or hate the particular character that they're watching, or are indifferent). For people like myself (and I consider myself a "smark," an individual that's somewhat educated about what's going on behind the scenes that a lot of people either don't pay attention to, or aren't privy of), it's about knowing what goes on that the rest of the world don't get to see on television. We don't care about the politics (unless one of our favorites is on the short end of the stick because of it), we don't care about the fact that the outcomes are figured out in advance... We watch any way, because we respect what these people are trying to do... Entertain the masses by putting their bodies... Their very LIVES on the line... Night in and night out... For THE FANS to enjoy. It's why virtually ALL athletes are doing what they're doing... Performing for the fans. Does it matter that it's predetermined for those watching...? Generally, no... You forget about that, because you get caught up in what's going on in the ring. You get caught up in the story behind why these people are "fighting." You get caught up in supporting your favorite, while hoping that the one you're against gets what's coming to him or her. Once again... ESCAPISM.

You want to call it stupid...? You want to come in here and insult OUR intelligence...? You could have kept your comments to yourself. Generally, I would have to say that most of the people in here already know the points that you've brought up. It seems that we're all adults here, so it stands to reason. We know that CSI, Walker: Texas Ranger, Days of Our Lives... Hell, EVERY drama on TV is scripted... Do we sit up saying "It's fake! Why even bother watching it?!" We already KNOW that... We watch it any way.

If you can't speak intelligently without insulting anyone, don't say a word.

Go watch your UNSCRIPTED football game and leave us alone.

BTW: You can't tell me that people don't watch football games where they don't already know the outcome. Why else would it be so popular for many sports fans to watch replays of games in all different sports years down the road? Because they're caught in the drama of went down... Notice a similarity here?

Ironic, ain't it...? Because _I_ sure noticed the similarity. 'Nuf said.
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