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Klutzy Phoenix Taler meets a star in the most embarressing way
(ok peeps this is made up super celeb who starred in a made up film and is a made up singer. just thought it would be best to get that cleared up)

Phoenix Taler had arrived at the airport three hours early. Her diary had said the wrong thing which was not to surprising as she'd booked the flight in midst of a bout of tears over her ex boyfriend Daniel. But for a hange she was smiling. A first class seat had become available and if she wanted she could have an upgrade tothat seat for one hundred pounds. In her eyes that looked likean alright deal and so she had jumped at the chance. She was also smiling because she was going to be as far away from Daniel as possible for two whole weeks. To be away from the empty house and the double dating prat was a relief to her system.

Nothing could have put her up for what she was about to face. In torn jeans and a sloppy jacket she entred the first class area. With a gasp she fell into her seat. It was amazing. nothing she believed would move her.

The toilets were as bad as usual but being sick was the worst part. Ever since she had been a little girl she had suffered travel sickness and even now as a twenty six year old she still found hersilf retching in plane toilets. Feeling nautious still but with nothing else to be sick with she stumbled back to her seat.

"Can I have some water please?" She asked an air hostess.

"Sure darling." The woman replied,"Here you go."


As the hostess moved on she tackled the water bottle lid. It was so stiff. With a jolt of turbulence the cap flew off and the water went all over the person next to her. Phoenix turned to apologies and rescue the rest of her water when she saw the fellow passenger for the frist time. It was Thomas Nicholls or Tom from her all time favourite film ever, Silver Knight.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry, i..."

"It's alright. It was the turbulence not you." He said with a smile, "Let me buy you another. What's your name? "

"Phoenix. Thanks that would be nice."

"I'm Tom." he replied before continuing, "Alright then Phoenix until that aimiable hostess comes along may i ask where you are a destined."

Phoenix saw the spark in his dark eyes and knew that even he could not hide the fact that her name was strange but she took no notice. She had learnt to deal with ridicule from a very young age.
"I'm going to Bitter End, BVI."

"So am I."

Phoenix continued to chat to him through out the remainder of the flight. She discovered that he was twenty seven years old with a history of singing to back his career. originally he had been in the Beacon Voices at his first school then he had gone to Berkhamsted and endevoured in his music even then. He had gone through a fase of only playing bad boy music then through jazz and singing, writing songs and the like. Just as his first years as a singer began he had been recruited into silver knight and was given the role of the pirate elf, the one and only friend of Silver knight.

"My brother went to the beacon." Phoenix told him, "But he left soon after." She steered away from the fact she loved Silver Knight because it had been Daniel who had introduced her to it. The thought of his name made her feel lost.

As the plane landed Tom slipped on a pair of dark sunglasses. Rumours had been going around that he would be coming to the BVI for months. He explained. And there was no doubt that photographers and journalists would be waiting for him. He wanted to stay as inconspicous as he could.
Phoenix understood. He would not want her with him.

"No. Don't go." he pleaded, "I do want you here."

For some reason she believed him. His face, complete with glasses, told her that he was telling the truth. With a smile she nodded. Then felt guilty. She had just come out of the best and worst relationship of her life and she was already flirting with a man. A man who she could not deny she had an attraction to. A man who apparently liked her too. Despite the shabby way she dressed. With a silly grin on her face she and Tom descended from the plane and into the caribbean sun.
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