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by ramona
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a piece of fan fiction rare look inside the singer.
Now your babys all grown-up
In the spotlight
A real superstar
Isn't she lucky?
That's what they all say
Oops I did it again
Another round of bad press
Sharing naughty kisses
Wearing next to nothing on stage
So confused and I'm needing your help
I'm not a girl, not yet a woman
Can you help me find
The good girl that I used to be

Now its you againest the music
Gotta save your baby
One more time
From being lonely
Even though I may push you away
Say mama let me be
You just don't know
What its like to be me
Cause I love rock and roll
No need to overprotect me so
I can make it on my own
I'm still anticpating
A rescue
From my lonely days and nights
Mama, don't let me be the last to know
That I can be your little girl again

Don't know where I'm going wrong
At a crossroads in my life
And feelin so alone
Drinkin too much wine
And makin out with bad boyz named Fred
Losin my mind
Now I'm cryin a river
Cause I lost
The one man who meant the world to me
Djs call me fat girl
Parents saying
I'm everything bad and nothing good
Oh mama
Tell me
Where i'm goin wrong
Can I be the old Britney again?

When your eyes say it
I know that I messed up again
Disappointed what you wanted
But it's just so hard
In my new world of rock and roll
To be good
When they all want you to be bad
One day
So afraid of losing you
Oh mama
Please don't turn your back
Please don't tell me
Don't come knocking on my door
Cause I know I can beat this
Oh mama I promise I'll be

Just don't let me be the last to know

That mama you still love me


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