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An interview with the Humpty Dumpty you didn't know; Drunk, rude, S.O.B., and a thief.
I recently caught up with Humpty Dumpty on his way out of a strip club and asked him some questions; Here is what he had to say:

Q: Where were you born?
A: I was born in hell in 1754, you jackass.

Q: When did you move to America?
A: The day your momma left me.

Q: Don't you think that you're a little rude to people sometimes?
A: No, not really; People are ignorant animals, and they pretty much are meaningless to us supreme eggs.

Q: Oh, so eggs are supreme over humans?
A: Are you f***ing retarded? Duh!

Q: You once made testosterone come out of your mouth; Is that correct?
A: Oh yeah. I did. It was quite disgusting.

Q: Oh, like anything's going to disgust you.
A: F*** you!

Q: Are you rude to everyone, or just me?
A: When I have annoying jackasses come up to me after I wack off and they ask me stupid-ass questions I tend to get P.O.'d.

Q: Well, f*** you very much for your time, b****.
A: Anytime, illiterate good-for-nothing scumbag jackass moron f***er d***head a**wipe!

Q: F*** yourself, Humpty.
A: I leave that up to my girlfriend, gaywad.
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