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A girl who wants something that is freely given to others.
Part 1
The man picked up his son, flinging him up in the air. The boy let out a loud peal of laughter, grinning from ear to ear. Both of them were immersed in happiness. The father let down his son and holding his tiny hand, walk away

However, in a small corner sat a little ten year old girl, dirty and grubby, unseen by all. Clad in a tattered and filthy frock, she had observed the scene, with bitterness and envy so strong in one so young.

Ten year old Mary Saunders and her siblings had lost their parents, through their fault. A collision with a car had result in Mr and Mrs Suanders' demise a years earlier. Mary was only nine years old then. The children had been unharmed only through sheer luck, as they were not in the car with their parents during that fatal incident because they were left at home.

Becoming orphans overnight was hard for poor Mary and her younger siblings. Afraid that they will be seperated and sent to various homes or that they will be mistreated, they took flight upon learning the news of her parents' departure.

They took to living on the streets, foraging for food in dustbins and the leftovers left on tables. That was mainly Mary's job as she was the oldest sister. It was her duty to ensure that her two younger siblings,eight year old Stephen and four year old Susan have enough to eat. In order to ensure that, many a times, Mary gave up her share of food to them. Keeping them safe was of paramount importance to her, besides providing food for them.

Sometimes Mary felt so weary after a day out in the streets. Still she looked after her siblings, trying her best to ensure their comfort and safety. Before long, she slipped into the role of being a mother to her siblings and she still long for the days when her parents were still alive.

Mary felt a sharp pang in her heart when she saw that scene. Tears well up in her eyes and started flowing down her grimy cheeks as she sobbed out her grief.
(To Be Continued.........)
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