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The interview accounting the Easter Bunny's descent into Hell
By The Demon Lord

I recently met the Easter Bunny at the only movie theater in Hell, and I had the chance to have a conversation with him.

Q: When did you make the trip to Hell?
A: Well, it all started the day I was skipping through the forests of Bunnyville, the home of the Playboy bunnys, when I was shot and died. Then, I wound up here because God didn't like me. I shit too much in the ground.

Q: Oooookay...Well...That's certainly interesting.
A: Yes, it is, isn't it?

Q: So you were shot, and you wound up here.
A: Yeah. Some jerk-off asshole shot me.

Q: I bet that was harsh, huh?
A: Well no-shit asshole!

Q: Okay okay okay...
A: Yeah, 'mo'fo!

Q: Jesus, you're rude for the Easter Bunny. I thought you were supposed to be nice?
A: I ain't nice when I'm in Hell for getting shot back in my hometown, jerk-off asshole motherf*****!!!

Q: I interviewed Humpty Dumpty before, and he was rude and an S.O.B., but you're worse!
A: F*** you!

Q: Okay, bitch! You wanna go?
A: Yeah, c***smoker!

Q: Oh, mother****er! No way! Get ready to have your ass kicked!
A: You're dead, asswipe!

Q: F*** you!
A: DIE!!!

After that moment, I pulled out my .45 and busted six bullets in his ass. Then I went home, watched TV, talked to my balls, jerked off, and went to bed.
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