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Rated: ASR · Poetry · Gothic · #791047
A poem about a girl I met at SASH
I look through the glass,
I see nothing but darkness.
Why does it seem I want to pass,
pass on into the darkness?

The room is sealed,
No one ever goes in,
What's inside is not revealed,
no one ever comes out.

In the room, I hear,
Is what remains of a girl.
Neither here nor there,
Is the mind of this girl.

Her name, I hear, is Rachel,
She never leaves her cell.
It's said she was once an angel,
now she's trapped in this hell.

She may have been sane,
who's to say how?
It's so inhumane,
Even I have to say ow,

Who here knows,
How badly she suffers?
No one will know.
No one, that's who.

The sound of her screams will hurt any ones ears,
in the mental hospital that I suffered inside,
There's the shell of a girl, who's no longer here.
Rachel, the girl, who in the shadows confides.

Rachel, the girl who wants to be dead.
Rachel, the girl who cries out in the night.
Rachel, the girl who hears things in her head.
Rachel, the girl who puts up a good fight.

Rachel, the girl that's unloved.
Rachel, the girl long forgotten...
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/791047-Rachel-of-the-Shadows