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A story of a timid little boy who went to the extreme to get his revenge.
A horrible creature stood behind him. Its body was twisted as if melted in a hot furnace. The face was bent, the features were badly twisted, the skin or what was supposed to be the skin looked like badly burned leather, hanging loose from one side while half of the face was the only hint that the creature had once a handsome face.
The huge wings once perhaps beautiful were badly burnt. Its horrible green eyes were full of cruelty, even in the green Billy could see blood, hunger for blood.

He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. All the way he could hear a harsh, cruel laughter following him. He could picture the gruesome laughing face of the demon.

When he reached home he was panting, cold sweat covered his whole face. As soon as he turned the doorknob his mother's voice touched his ears,
"Billy where were you? you're late for dinner."
"I'm not hungry mum,... I'm going to bed." replied Billy, he felt like his throat would crack, it was so dry that he had to force out the words.
"Going to bed so early, are you feeling alright?"
"Yeah just a little tired" was all that Billy could manage.

He hurried to his bedroom and slammed the door behind him. He could still feel his heart pounding. He rushed to the bathroom to splash his face with cold water, throwing cold water on his face always seemed to calm him down. As he raised his head he came face to face with his own reflection in the mirror. Billy had always been a timid, obedient boy, who had been bullied at school for as long as he could remember. But lately the things had just gone out of hand. Jim, Drake and Charlie took pride in humiliating Billy whenever they could. But it was only recently that he had thought of revenge. He however was not expecting at all what he saw. Sure he hated those three so much to do anything to avenge them, but perhaps, he had no guts, or perhaps it was all a dream or a bad hallucination. He was scared he would see that thing again. Before he knew Billy drifted off to a dreamless slumber.

When he woke up the next day he had no time to think of anything except getting to school on time. He grabbed the apple from the fridge and rushed out of the house saying his usual "Good-Bye mum." and listening the usual "You're always late Billy, for God's sake when are you going to learn to wake up on time and having a decent breakfast?" as Billy walked out of the house and began walking to school. His school was only two blocks away and so he always walked to school. He liked walking as it always gave him time to think how he was going to avoid the bullies that day. As, he walked past the cemetery a chill went down his spine. He had grown up playing in the cemetery. He always took the shortcut through the graveyard, but that day even the thought of passing through the cemetery formed a lump in his throat.

As soon as he entered the school building the final bell went off, he had just started running toward his class when he heard "Where's the fire Bubble-Bottom." he recognized Drake's voice and his mouth gave a little twitch but he kept running what other choice did he have? He was relieved to see that Mr.John had not yet entered the classroom as he entered. His best and only friend Danny had saved him a seat as usual. He sat down as Danny gave him a thumbs-up and a cheer of "You made it on time, congrats mate." Billy winked back.

Danny was so thin Billy often thought that he might fly off if he blew at him, and with his big, dark glasses he was a 100% nerd. They had always been partners in being bullied but, it had never bothered Danny much. Probably because he had never expected a social life. His bookish world was enough for him.

The whole day passed peacefully but as the day was finally about to end, Jim, Drake and Charlie came out of nowhere, just when he was mustering up courage to talk to 'The Connie Watson' the one and only girl he had ever tried to impress. He was just a locker away from her when the sight of the three scoundrels made him to freeze in his tracks.

They called him names and what happened next Billy did not know, he was too angry, his head was pounding with anger, all he knew was that when it all ended his head was bleeding from one side which had hit the locker. Connie was watching him with her eyes wide open.

Danny came running to him shouting "Are you OK buddy?" he asked. But Billy's fists were clenched on his sides. It was the last straw, he was thinking revenge. There he made a promise to himself, 'He would make them pay, even if it was the last thing he did.'

How the rest of the day passed Billy did not know. But when it finally ended all he was thinking was revenge. On his way back he stopped at the cemetery and went to the tombstone. The candles that he had left the other day were still there, but nothing else. Too bad, how Billy wished that it was all real...how badly.

That night when Billy drifted off to sleep he again saw the gruesome creature. But this time he was not scared, he knew exactly what he wanted. He was in the graveyard again standing near the tombstone, he saw the demon again, all was the same as the previous night, the only difference was that this time he was prepared.

"Do you like the three of them dead." said the hideous creature in a voice dripping with restrained hatred.
The question startled Billy who was expecting something like "What do you want?" suddenly he began to shiver.
"Yes,...I know your troubles Billy." Billy's confusion had brought onto his face a very sly smile. "By unleashing me you have given me an insight to yourself, you have provided me with a connection to this world and for that you will get what you want."
"No I don't want them to die I want them to live,...the most miserable life, so miserable that they would want to die." and an evil grin spread on his lips. He was deeply satisfied.


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