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Ahhh, to read, rate, and review! What pleasure!
My Addiction

To read, rate, and review
Givetting praise and censure too
Such an occupation you'll find me at
Whenever time is thick and fat
When duties remain mute, and responsibilities dim
Or sometimes at the slightest whim --
I'll log on quick, impatient at delays!
To Writing.com, where my perseverence pays
Though it take ten minutes - fifteen - half an hour!
It's worth it, just once more to feel the power
Of creating a work -- poignant -- sublime!
Be it prose or be it rhyme,
Novel, novella, articles too --
There's just no limit to what I can do
The whole world is present - critics, friends!
Contests galore, everything to rend
A mind to distraction, completely addicted--
If it were a crime, I'd soon be convicted--
I'm convinced - certain - I can't do without
This website for writers, no, not a doubt
For I can read and I can write,
Sure, on my own,
But without half the delight
Of this incredible zone
Of talent and fun, work yet all play
I sure am stuck - but in what a curious way!
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