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This is a poem about a girl who wants her father back
Where did you go

Where did you go
why did you leave
Sarah prays each night
Daddy’s coming home for Christmas eve
I’m writing to tell you
Things just don’t seem right
Sarah’s grades are going down
And she’s getting into tons of fights
I think it’s her way of telling us
How unhappy she feels
I can imagine what she’s going through,
Remember, my dad left for years

I know you have the money
I’m informed you have enough
Stop sending letters with lies in them
Please stop calling my bluff
It's not like I want it
So i can buy myself a new pair of shoes
You know very well it's for Sarah
So don’t even try to refuse

Life without you is lonely
I come home to no one at night
But it's not just me who wants you home, David
And you know that I am right
Sometimes she asks me ‘Why did Dad leave?’
What am I supposed to say ?
I have to tell her the truth, don’t I?
I guess I will someday

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