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by Kings
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Captivated by the fragrance and beauty of the honeysuckle vines.

Honeysuckle Dreams

I can see the honeysuckles hanging on the fence.
Omitting a sweet aroma that pleased my senses
As a boy I would walk down the old country road.
Loving the fragrance and beauty they would hold.

The honeysuckles grew on the fence each year.
I would visit them often I could talk and be near.
I have been reserved and a loner all of my life.
They were a friend when I needed some time.

When I felt lonely I would escape into my world.
would go there alone to dream of some pretty girl.
This was the only time in my life I felt satisfied.
In my world I could make believe all was just fine.

Nearing my manhood things changed it seems.
I no longer had time for my honeysuckle dreams.
I had to start living in reality like all of my friends.
Try to gain ambition and confidence from within.

The seclusion they offered hiding inside and alone.
I could have privacy and make them my new home.
For awhile I would cuddle up and talk to God a lot.
Told Him of my troubles and the thoughts I had got.

After my long struggle to prove I was a real man.
Today I feel confident about the man I now am.
When I think of those honeysuckles on the fence.
How sweet my memories have been ever since.

Talked to myself and lived in a honeysuckle world.
Jesus was there and heard me speak of the girls.
I'll never forget my memories of the honeysuckles.
My fairytale world brought me dreams and chuckles.

By: Kings

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