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This is my idea I have for a book. Take a look.
There is a colony on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn. The Titan colony has been out there for about 10 years and self sufficient for about 5 of those. They have their own government separate from NATO or Earth. NASA and NATO are now in the process of deciding if they should let civilians make tourist trips up to Titan, part of this process is the negotiations with the Titan government.

The Titan Colony does tons of science research to help all of mankind. They see on the radar a large meteorite heading straight for Earth. It’s only about a year or so away. They have a discussion with NASA about what course of action to take, and decide that the best thing to do is to ram the meteorite in hopes of breaking it up or diverting it away from Earth. They strategize with the brains at NASA/Titan Colony and decide to hit the meteorite from the side and hopefully push it out of a trajectory heading straight for Earth. The Titan Colony sends one of their biggest ships and gather their best pilots to go on this mission. As they get closer to the meteorite they realize it’s a huge meteor field with tiny meteors the size of (pins or smaller) except for the huge meteorite that happens to be smack dab in the middle of this field a sphere the size of the (US if not bigger).

They are finally able to reach the meteorite in the center but they hit it at the wrong spot because of the smaller meteors. They hit the meteorite from the back end. The meteorite swings around giving the ship a (body slam). The entire Titan Colony team dies instantaneously not to mention the meteorite, (slammed) ship and meteor field start spinning toward Earth.

This catches some attention at NASA and NATO, they carefully tell the people of the world. Three action plans are wildly used. First one is the religious community believes it is the end of the world and wait for their (Religious Deity) to take them home. The second is going as far below ground as possible and wait out the hypotheses storm that is to come. The third is to work with NASA, NATO, and CIESM to build underwater cities.

The people who are interested in the third plan meet at NATO to strategize with the various teams. CIESM has thought out the best place to position the new cities. NATO is providing special subs that can go to greater depths. NASA is working with CIESM to design the underwater cities and how best to construct them. They finally have their plan of action. Everyone gathers the various supplies that they need to construct the cities and they enter the ships and head underwater.

It takes the group of subs about a week to get to the area that the CIESM had picked out.

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