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Analogy about these three primary factors involved in communication- my opinion.

“T”onality, “b”ody language,
and “w”ords: are the three primary factors involved in the congruency of the information, emotion, and state of reality that which the expresser is conveying to the perceiver/receiver. Any static in the “t.b.w.”, the perceiver must weigh out, to form a concept from the three factors.

The mutual agreement/congruency of what is being said, the tonality,
and the non-verbal message being projected… are (almost) always in alignment with the sincerity of the message, when adding up these elements.
There tend to be few exceptions.
Example: where body language, and/or tonality
are not received; as in telephone communication, and in writing.

"Timing" may also be a factored
co-element, that sets the rythym of clear message.

The perceiver needs to discern, and weigh-out the
differences that make-up the balance of the signal/expression, in order to understand
and receive the over-all reality/point.

The end result of the factors involved in
conveying the truth/sincerity of a message,
usually tends to “justify” the
“mean” average-point, of the “tonality/body language, and words”, being expressed.

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