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An alien comes down in a flash of light and meets a human. It was no coincidence.
Blood Medicine

Peter McKane sat, alone, eating his macaroni and cheese dinner, when the power shut down and left him in complete darkness. A bright beam of light shot down from the sky and into his apple orchard. It lit up the kitchen as it hit the ground with a thunder. He ran swiftly to his door and stepped outside on his old wooden porch. He shielded his eyes with his hand and watched as the light grew brighter and expanded. The shattering of the wooden limb of his precious trees made him shake with anger, but his curiosity as to the light calmed him.

The light subsided, revealing a frame of a being. It looked human, but he was too frozen with fear to move forward to find out. A pair of glowing green eyes turned in his direction. A chill swiped through him. Did it see him? Was it afraid of him?

The light disappeared, but his porch light lit up the being. It was a woman, a beautiful woman, although her skin seemed as though it was thoroughly sunburned. She walked toward him, smiling, showing off her clean, white teeth. Her silky white hair shimmered a heavenly glow and framed her youthful face. She had on a garment that changed color to match the degree of light she was stepping into. The left side of the skirt was slit up to reveal her slender leg completely, as well as her small bare feet, and the opposite side of the bottom of her top was cut to reveal her well-toned abdomen and small inward naval. She looked directly at him and stood directly in front of him.

“You are Dr. Peter McKane, are you not?” she asked, in an unaccented American dialect.

“Yes, I am. Who are you?”

“I’m from the planet Armava. I wish you no harm, less you hinder me from my mission.”

Peter cocked his head in confusion. “Just what is your mission?”

“I’ve come here to give this world two types of medicine they’ve never seen.”

“Really, what are they?”

“My blood and my spirit. My blood is a medicine that has healed other worlds, as I know it will yours. My people did not fall into sin, therefore, my spirit is partially human and partially of the Holy Spirit, the latter of which is the most powerful and potent.”

“What can I do? What do you want from me?”

“I need your silence. You will see evidence from my research here soon. Stay quiet, for no one will believe you if you say an alien came down to Earth on a beam of light from 200,000 light years away. I tell you, indeed, though, that what you saw was not light. It is many times faster. And, don’t bother to look for a spaceship because there isn’t one. So, just watch and keep silent and know that you have my favor should you need any help with any of your pursuits.”

“W-what pursuits could you assist me with?”

“Let me know of your research analysis on the Ebola virus in Africa. I can help you with that. I’ve dealt with similar diseases before.”

“How do you know of this illness or any other on this planet?”

“Armava has tapped into all of your communication channels, as we have with the other planets I’ve visited. We can watch you in your house as you sleep. That’s how good our satellites are. They are made of a material not of Earth and are not detectable by any sort of radar your technology can provide. I would love to answer all of your questions, but I really must go.”

“How will I contact you?”

She handed him a small business card. “You can reach me at this number after tomorrow. Goodbye.”
Too shocked to move, he watched her walk down the country road that ran parallel to his house, and out of sight.
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