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I feel I must share this with you. I pray that it touches someone out there.
Each and everyone of you are each God's personal individual miracles, and you need to know that, first and foremost. You are a treasure whom God made with a unique mold, never to be used again in the history of mankind. You deserve the love and respect that coincides with that.

You need not try to gain acceptance from anyone who doesn't believe in that profound truth. Perhaps seeking other people's acceptance is easier for you to grasp right now, but putting hope in only what others think of you is a gamble that could prove quite expensive to your heart and soul.

I know each of you have faced hardships. We all have. I have, most definitely. I'm not here to compare personal hardships. I'm here to tell you about the only true way to overcome them.

You must know yourself as God sees you. You are blessed. You must know that, above all things, God loves you and would never forsake you in your needs. Ask Him and He will build you up. Invite Him into your life and feel that inner peace of knowing that He's in control. Let Him take control.

Many might try to numb the pain they feel inside with drugs, food, or sex, but those things won't free you from the pain.

To be frank with you, I've tried to handle everything on my own terms. I learned that my spirit isn't strong enough to handle everything life and this world throw at me all by myself. I had an agonizing sorrow that ate me up inside. I blamed myself for everything that went wrong and I was blind to the good people and possibilities God had put right in front of me.

Then, God placed people in my life who turned me around and told me that God loves me and would roll my burdens away, if only I would ask. I sought His forgiveness for my selfishness and opened up my heart and life to Him once again. The walls may be crumbling around me, and my problems may seem great, but with my strengthened faith in the God who has always loved me, I now possess inner peace and strength to overcome each and every obstacle. He opened my eyes and I can see all the great things He has set before me. He is my refuge, my stronghold, my light, my salvation.

God wants to take away your pain and open your eyes too. He wants to see you happy and prospering. He wants to see you rejoice. The things of this world are not even remotely comparable with the power of love He has for you. I ask that you seek that love that Jesus has for you. He shed his blood and was tormented by this world, so that you wouldn't have to bear the consequence for your sins before God. His love is patient and kind. He is ready and willing to forgive you. All you have to do is open your heart and life to the only one who can bring you eternal peace. Seek His all-knowing guidance and you will find Him where you left Him.
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