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I was checking messages on Writing.com and came across a personal essay from one of the members. What she had to say about writing moved me nearly to tears. She reminded me of myself at her age, about 14. I, too , have always had a very vivid imagination. She has one up on me , however , in that she keeps a dream journal, which she writes in religiously ; the moment she gets an idea. This is excellent, keeping a notebook with you at all times. My mind is constantly bombarded with potential ideas. They have always played like mini movies in my mind. My dreams have always had that feel to them, as well. Dark films they have been , too , as of late, one in particular : I’m walking through a shopping mall that looks common enough, if not a bit dark. Suddenly, I’m in a remote part of the mall that seems to be cut off from the rest. Deserted. An ominous feeling comes over me, as though someone is following me; watching me. And, indeed , someone is , or so it would seem. I have not , as yet , seen his or her face , although I’m quite sure it is a male presence….Just has that testosterone feel…::smiles bemusedly::Intriguing…I hope, one of these nights , I have a dream that tells me for sure…
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