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Jack Squire always gets what he wants because what he wants is the law
I am the Law

Mary, the name shall always be special to me. Mary was my mothers name and the only woman I have ever loved. I promised myself that I would only love Mary and years later when I met Mary and fell in love I did not break that promise.

A sweet girl no more than seventeen, lived with her younger brothers and father at the cottage down from my ranch. Her father was once an honourable man, turned to the devils drink after her mother died bringing forth John into this world.

She has the most beautiful long red hair, the colour of blood. It flows like the river that winds through our town, and her eyes, the colour would make emeralds jealous. She works at the town tavern, an honest woman, she always wears a smile even when those barbarians try and touch her skirt.

I want her to be mine.

Jack Squire is the name, the local sheriff and law enforcer of this little town. My father left me in his death about 500 acres of land, the most fertile land in the county and a house fit for a King. Not for a Queen as my mother would tell you, it was her prison not her sanctuary. Now after my fathers passing I own it, as I do most of this town and some of the next and what I say is law.

What I want I get.

I usually always conducted my business in Susie’s Tavern. The men I deal with seem to become easy going and open to suggestion when Susie is around. What can you expect though? She loves what men can give her and they love what she can give them.

I know peoples weaknesses and I exploit them to my will.

It was near closing on Friday night and I had a self satisfied grin upon my face not because of the bargain I was getting from Gerald, my jewel merchant and close friend but because of who I had under lock and key at the station. My smile grew.

Susie waltzed over to Gerald and I; “Why if its not ma two favourite fellas in the entire world! I’m closin’ up but for you two I can stay a lil’ longer, if you want me to?” A grin the size of the Grand Canyon appeared on her face as Gerald stared transfixed at her heaving breasts. I have never fallen for Susie, her innocent act and voice grate on me after a while but she serves her purpose.

“Thanks Susie why don’t you come and sit with us?” Susie flashes me a dazzling smile and calls over to Mary who was just waving goodbye to some old regular.

“Come ova 'er Mary, these fine gentlemen are gonna keep us company this cold and chilly night.” Mary’s smile faltered as she glanced at the clock.

“I have to go Susie, Father will be home soon and the meal isn’t on the stove yet.” Susie sighed heavily; Gerald’s eyes follow her sudden chests movements. She knew I desired Mary and she was doing her very best to make sure I was amused.

“No girl that can wait come ova ‘‘er.” Mary reluctantly came and sat on the chair next to mine, her strawberry scent washing over me, I breathed it in deeply. Some time later after many laughs and a good deal of rum, Gerald and Susie left the table to go and have a look at the stars from the upstairs window.

We were left alone, that’s how I like it.

Mary smiled warmly at me, “I was very happy to hear that you were put up for election for major, sheriff. If you get elected do I call you Sheriff or Major Squire?” I smiled widely at her and reached for her hand and kissed her knuckles delicately.

“Mary from now on you shall call me Jack.” Mary blushed deep crimson and cast her eyes downwards.

“My father would disapprove and think it rude if I were to call you by your first name, and talking of my father I really must be going home.” She stood to leave but I grasped her hand. She let out a startled gasp and my eyes twinkled.

“I doubt your father will be missing you, considering he won’t be home tonight, or for a very long time.” Her eyes widened, and her innocent tip of the head made me desire her even more;

“I’m sorry I don’t understand.” I pasted a false saddened look on my face for my next response;

“Your father was caught stealing from the grocer this afternoon Mary and its my duty to see that justice is done. He shall be sent to jail for 6 months.” Her eyes widened and her mouth formed a small ‘o’. She dropped to her knees before me and for a moment I thought she had fainted;

“Please, my father is old and sick and would die before his sentence was complete. Tell me, what I can do! Anything that will help him I will do but please don’t let him go to jail!” I stroked her blood red hair that flowed like the river which washed over my knees as she buried her face in jacket to dry her tears.

“There is one thing you could do for me. Would you do it Mary? To save your father?” Her head whipped up and she gazed at me with tear clouded eyes;

“Anything, what can I do?” I smiled and cupped her chin and whispered;

“Marry me” She stared at me with shock and confusion and her face usually filled with a smile turned into a frown;

“If you cant do that Mary then your father will die, I must enforce justice, and as a poor man with no connections your father will certainly go to jail. However as the father-in-law of the Sheriff and future Major I may be able to get him a fair trail or even convince the grocer to drop the charges, it is all up to you sweet Mary.”

She looked at me with such confusion I almost took her into my arms to comfort her but I resisted. She timidly asked

“Why would you want to marry me?” I swept a finger across her ruby red lips and bent low;

“You are most desirable to me and shall make me a happy man, as well as provide me with heirs.” Her eyes if possible extended further and just to remind her of what was at stake I moved my hips where the keys to the town jail were clasped, they rattled and a deathly silence followed.

“I will become your wife if you promise that my father and brothers will be safe and provided for that is all I ask.” Faster than lightning I jerked her to her feet and sealed my lips over hers in a searing kiss.

“It shall be done and you shall be my wife by the end of the next full moon.”

I grinned in triumph, ignoring her defeated and saddened look, I had won, and I got what I wanted, as I always do.

Two weeks later we were married; I carried her into the sprawling ranch, and closed the door firmly. Never would she be able to leave me, she was mine and mine alone. The price of her father’s freedom was her imprisonment. Her father knew of course that she had swapped herself for him, but what could he do I was the law.

Ten months later she bore me a son, Jacob. He was a fine boy, my living image but with her beautiful eyes. He commanded a presence and I knew in that instance that my legacy was fulfilled; Squires are the law and shall always be so. What we want, we get.

Mary for the next four years bore me four more children, all boys. I was the envy of the town, five boy’s five male heirs. I was made Major as was expected in our second year of marriage. I adorned my Mary with jewels and silks fit for a Queen but she had been tamed to my liking and chained to me for eternity.

The threat was always their, even after her father died, I was still the sheriff, the law, her brothers were still around and she cared for them with the same intensity as she did her father. Once she tried to break free but I caught her, like I do all criminals and of course she was brought back ‘home’. I forgave her as I could never hurt something that was so precious to me.

In the next five years of our marriage she bore me four more sons, but secretly I craved a daughter, ironic isn’t it that the last child she bore was a dead daughter. She was so beautiful an exact copy of her mother.

Mary never bore me more children although I tried she never did, and it wasn’t fair I didn’t get what I wanted and what I wanted was law. However I had nine strapping young sons, all faithful to me and would follow my lead and that was what I wanted. Mary was always not far from my gaze and I still loved her but she did not love me. I wanted her to love me, I clothed her in silk, pearls and jewels, yet she didn’t love me.

She would love me one day because I wanted her to and what I wanted was law.

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