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A continued fan fiction. About Draco, Harry, Lucius and an interesting other character..
She walked up to him and sat down on the couch next to him. He was totally transfixed and his eyes didn't see to be able to move from her face. She put on a kindly but seductive smile and she leaned forward to kiss him.

Harry could hardly believe this was (finally) happening. His fantasy woman had just appeared in his room in the middle of the night and she was going to kiss him. He decided not to question her. Love was more important than rationality and understanding and a shot of excitement surged through his body.

As their lips met she didn't see Harrys face – instead she pretended to see Lucius's. It was so simple – two small words would be the end of her pain and hate and it would be the start of a new era. There would be no Harry Potter, nothing that would ever oppose her master again and she would finally become what she had always wanted – the lover and wife to the real power on earth.

Harry gasped as they kissed. Never before had he sensed such power, passion and determination. From a mere touching of the lips he could tell she was strong, fierce and smart; she was truly was the girl from his dreams.

Her breathing was ragged but she couldn't pry herself away from him. A force that was stronger than steel and more potent than magic was binding them together. Without thinking her hands slipped under his shirt and moved up his back, marveling in the smooth skin, the strong muscles that longed to be put into use under it and the warmth that radiated from him.
'So this is goodness. This is kindness. This is light' she thought. This was nothing like any experience with Lucius. His lips and skin were often cold and sometimes she wondered if he could ever feel her lips upon his.

As her hands moved up his back, he gave a delighted shiver – 'maybe this night would last longer than I expected' he thought. He pulled her into his lap and he wrapped one arm around her and the other hand cradled her neck tenderly.

'It is time' she thought. 'It is time for him to die.' She knew that she would forever regret ending his life. Putting something so innocent and joyous to its death. But then her hate of Narcissa flared up as did her love for Lucius. But what was more important? Her mind screamed at her telling to choose; one or the other – but never both. But she knew in the depths of her black heart than Lucius was the one for her.

Using all of her strength she tore her lips from his and shattered the steel force that had bound them together. She smiled at him – her eyes were half closed, her mouth slightly open and still wet from their sweet kiss. At that instant his guard was down and he was ready to die.
With astounding quickness she planted her hand over his heart and shouted " Avarda Kevar-" Some flying object hit Harry with so much force that he pitched to the side and nearly off of the couch. It was a falcon…. No, not any falcon – Dracos falcon.
He read the note and then he stared at her, his eyes wide and round as a frightened doe. She could guess at its meaning. With a low growl she sprinted from the common room, dove through the open portrait hole and collided straight into Draco. "I will kill you for this" she hissed into his invisible ear and then she slipped under the cloak and into invisibility just as Harry Potter stared out into space that he believed to be barren. The same thought kept playing in his head – 'I lost her. Again.'

They walked along the deserted corridors as fast as they dared, expecting at any moment to have wizards running after them ready to blast them apart. They went along in stony silence – Draco was fearing that at any moment Jo would curse him into oblivion because of him thwarting her plan, and she because she was plotting how to kill Harry Potter and how to inflict all sorts of unimaginable pain on Draco.
They made it to the trap door in utter silence and safety. Once they slipped under the trap door they pulled off the cloak and started running headlong towards the other end. By the time they ran through the tunnel and climbed out of the trap door, it was almost two in the morning. Once they went out of the front door of the sweet shop, Jo whirled around and punched Draco squarely in the jaw. He fell backwards clutching his throbbing face. Pure hatred sparked in her eyes and the thought of a stone dead Draco with dried blood on his neck sounded appealing. Then she shook her head – no, she couldn't go and kill Lucius' only son. However, she could hurt him quite a bit.

She kicked him twice in the stomach and once in the chest and then she sat squarely on his chest and pinned his arms to his side. "Now" she said, with venom in her voice "what the fuck was the meaning of that? I assume you have a reason, other than suddenly developing a soft spot for him?" He grunted something unintelligible. "What? No confession? Must I do everything my self?"

Her hands went to his shirt collar and she ripped it, sending buttons flying this way and that. She took out her silver knife and laid it on his skin, dragging the cold silver back and forth, but not breaking the skin. "Still nothing to say?" He didn't answer. She rolled her eyes. "Fine then, your loss. Quite literally."

She turned the blade so it was laying across his skin, and she pressed down, ever so lightly, feeling the skin break and part before the knife. Blood oozed up from the long and slender line and Draco flinched. She laid the knife down and, curiously, she dipped her finger in his blood. With her dripping red finger she drew a bright, glistening dagger over his heart. She brought her finger to her lips and licked the blood away - it was sweet and salty; she spat it out.

Again she picked up the knife and started cutting intricate designs into his skin, cutting deeply, narrowly missing the bone. After half of his chest was cut and bloodied she took the knife off of his skin – Draco sighed in relief. Then she pushed the knife into the soft flesh of her arm. Draco gasped in horror and revulsion and grabbed the knife from her and flung it away into the night. Her eyes narrowed - she finally understood.
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