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some people lose even when they win
Jerry's world twisted within his vision and it all narrowed down to a small tunnel of light. The doctor looked at him with concern and grabbed him by his arm.
"I know this is a shock. I didn't think the symptoms pointed to something this serious at all. I'm terribly sorry. I assure you I ran the tests three times to be certain." There were hesitations in his speech.
On the ride home Jerry thought about his life. He'd struggled his whole life to get some where and was beginning to finally make some headway. Now this. He had just finished catching up on his finances and even purchased a nice little house. It wasn't in the nicest part of town but it was still a nice neighberhood.
That night as he was laying bed, just before falling asleep Jerry came up with a plan. A good plan, and maybe get a little slice of the pie he could never seem to get.
As he was driving home he couldn't help but punch the gas and spin the tires on his new red Viper.
"Man, this thing is BAD-TO-THE-BONE." he shouted to no one and everyone. He pulled up into the stone driveway to his four thousand square foot home. Went into the house and hit the remote to fire up the stereo and the fireplace along with the waterfall.
I might not last six months, but I will enjoy the time I have left Jerry thought to himself. The phone rang and he answered.
"Yes, who's speaking."
"This is doctor Jones."Jerry".he said excitedly. "I've got some really great news for you. The tests we ran had a bad standard for the machine and the results were off a bit. You're fine Jerry is what I'm trying to say. Isn't that crazy news, I'm terribly sorry for the confusion."
Jerry hung up the phone and danced around his new huge kitchen and even did some River Danceing down the hall. He stopped short at the entrance to the living room.
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