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         With her chin rested on her knees and her arms wrapped around her legs she stared with great curiosity at the strange looking thing with his hand extended before her. It wasn’t everyday that a short, smelly, large nosed creature needed her help. Ignoring the creature's outstretched hand she turned her head to the left looking at the road beyond the ally way. Her eyes narrowed in distress realizing someone was not about to walk by and save her from the creature’s presence. Feeling she had turned her attention away form the creature for far to long she refocused her interest back on the stubby individual.
         It was a very old, whatever it was and from what she gathered she assumed it to be of the male species. At least it looked and sounded very much like a man. It was hard for her to tell for the creatures features and beady eyes sunk into the wrinkles of its yellow skin. Yet curiosity getting the best of her she bit her lip and feeling a bit braver then she did before leaned her head out of the shadows and peered closer at the living thing realizing her assumption correct. His face was covered in dirt and his beard, what could be seen of it was loosing its fine brown color. The long ratty beard fell to the floor, full of twigs and mud. Yet, while the slight movement closer revealed the man’s features it also allowed her nose to catch a breath of an absolutely horrible smell. She crinkled her nose and covered it with her small hands holding back a choking cough. Unable to bear the smell she leaned her head against the damp stone ally wall; glad to be a bit farther from the creatures smell and continued to stare at the old stubby man. His clothing in what seemed to be a swathe of small animal skins increased the awkwardness of his short stature. The girl then turned her eyes back upon his extended hand placed her head back into her knees. His hand was large and very plump. It seemed to the girl that his large clumsy hands, if you could call them that, must be the reason for his rather wild appearance.
         "Do you need something sir?" the young girl timmidly whispered.
         The old funny looking man just stared at her blinking now and then.
         "My name is Lissa. Do you have a name?"
         The old living thing looked at her thoughfully as if trying to find the right words to say.
         "Do you speak?" questioned the little girl.
         "Pa--p-m-m-il" studdered the man creature.
          The girl looked at him strangly. "Papmil? Is that your name Papmil?"
         The creature blinked at her twice.
         "Do don't speak much. Where are you from Papmil?"
         Again there was nothing but silence from the ugly man. The girl sighed and noticing the creatures hand was still exstended she placed her tiny hand in his.
         A smile drew across his ugly, dirty face and the little girl stood up to relax the stretch in her arm from holding it out. She dwarfed the small man by almost a foot and thought this funny to see a young girl taller then man creature.
         "I think your lost Papmil. I know someone who can help you. Follow me." She began to walk towards the street and the thing followed her, still holding her hand.
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