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When does medical technology become an interference to life?

Medical Alert

The beeping of that monitor,
With its staring, glaring, blaring,
Gowering some green verbatim facts,
It behaves in a dark, stark, hark monotony:


With that unmistakable audible tone
That "only hospitals allowed" tone,
Overwhelming is this intrusion into this feeble, frail and faint
Fraction of my family, myself, being one-half my mother.


Indeed a slight, white pale skin,
Devoid of color under hospital light bulbs.
An environmental winter raging within,
With the outside so very still and dim


The daughter shivers from freezing
Shuddering from the emotional
Temperature in the hospital space.

I pull up her blankets,
And stroke her silver mane,
Though a thermostat shoots virtual winter
shadowingale; shadowing clinical lights
Shadow a coldness in ashen blue hue,
Comfortably propped with pillows,
Propped up with pillows,
Electrodes stuck with padded monitor glue,
Eyes shut, simulating sleep,
She is so tired, frail, feeble of years,

All she has ever been to her daughter
Lies on the ER bed with wheels.
After hours of waiting with pain escalating,
She elects a long around the hospital treck to a scrumptious Starbucks coffee

(Another Friday night repeat).

Quotidian emergency medical needs:
First call her heart doc,
then call 911 with all diligent speed
(which evolved to a med-button
As personal help and protection
With the evolution of technology
to hitting a button. a doctor call, a 911 call, and your ride to the Baylor ER
Frequently befriended and safely whisked from her bed at home,
Leaving her Regal red Chow,
Protective, concerned, and confused
To guard my seniorly-aged

irst name basis Baylor paramedics

Doctors and drugs,
The fear of thugs,
More frequent hugs,
Fewer coffee mugs,
Trumpet a new season of love.

I can't understand,
But I can hold your hand.
I'll do my best to stay.
We'll do things your way.
We'll do whatever you say.

We both know, nevertheless,
That gravity's time
Weighs heavy on your chest.
There's got to be a way,
With our technology
For you to be more comfortable.
Education says doctors hold the key,
But both of us know
God is greater than he.

"Beep, beep, beep."
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