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Writing Prompt: Reunion with a deceased relative.
This is from a writing prompt. My Great Grandma died years ago and I decided to write about what we would talk about if she could come and visit me. I would like to think the ones we love who depart watch over us. *Heart*

Great Grandma: "Megan, you have haven't changed much over the years. You look like a young girl. I always thought you were beautiful and I loved you. Course, you were my favorite. I was so happy when you told me you were going to marry Dean. I had known his family for years and you and Dean were so perfect together. I had my stroke before your Wedding and had to go to the Nursing Home and was unable to attend but I knew you would be alright. That's why I left your world two months later. I have been gone twenty years but I watched over you when your house burned down. I was so heart broken for you but I knew life would get better for you. You and Dean had Jason to raise and he will have a job in Criminology soon. Dean has been a good husband to you. I couldn't wish for a better life for you."

Megan: "I was so sad when you died. I knew you had had ninety years on this earth but I didn't want to let you go. I came down to see you when I lived next door to you everyday for five years. It was so hard to take care of you in the Nursing Home. It was so unfair. You didn't always know who I was. I have thought of you everyday since you left us."

Great Grandma: "Heaven is a lot better world. So peaceful, perfect and beautiful. I have a house all ready for you. I know you have a new house but this house will be here when we get together again someday."

Megan:"I can't wait to see you as well. You were a woman I looked up to. You lived through hard times in the depression but you were a survivor. I wanted to be more like you."

Great Grandma: "You are. I know you still have your nursing job and writing career. I'm proud of you. Your Great Grandpa and Grandparents send you and your Mother their love and we look forward to being together again someday. We love you. I have to go but I wanted to see you and let you know we haven't forgotten you. Give me a hug."

As I hug my Great Grandmother, I feel peace and gladness. I tell her to tell my Grandparents and Great Grandpa, Mom and I love them, too. Great Grandma disappears. This is the conversation I pictured in my mind if I ever got to see her if she could visit me here on earth.

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