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Whimsical musings in my yard, drinking wine
A SUMMER PARTY with fringy griends

In my garden I plant a summer party,
A heady collection of playful guests
Dressed in shimmering fragrances.
They whisper shameful gossip with tiny tongues
And exchange glances ripe with infatuation.

The Garden Gnomes titter as the wind
Lifts the Pansies’ skirts;
Even the LadyBugs sneak a peek
Before flying home to their lovers ~
Hearts aflame.

Sunny Flax shakes her dew every morning,
Annoying grumpy violas but pleasing the
Dapper Bachelor Buttons
(Who wish they were taller so they could watch her open and spray).

Petunias sit so strong and hardy
Seriously resisting the insisting sun.
The fickle Butterfly flits by:
“Can’t stay long, just here for a tickle”;
And she’s gone again like a teenage girl
At a cocktail party wearing her sister’s dress.

Watch out for that Dragonfly ~
Look! Now there’s two ~ joined together
Swimming through the heat,
Flicking and strumming one another
With frantic wings.

The Tiger Lily stands alone;
Dashing and pensive to others
But a fool to himself.
With the help of a friendly wind
He reaches out to visit the vivacious Snapdragon.
Every summer he is lured back to this spot
By her magical laugh, her lyrical smile,
He cannot resist her.
He strains to taste her bubbly curves,
Listens to her girlish promises
Then retreats to delicious fantasies.

The clump of Daisies is rowdy and drunk ~ again.
They dance naked together every night
Under the shining wet head of the watering can.
I covet their verve ~ like tireless college boys
Throwing books out windows.

I plant all these fools and lovers
In my sun drenched bed
Knowing their mirth is contagious and winged.
Bees are messengers sucking and stinging
Sweet sticky invitations to chosen passersby.

At summer’s end my garden’s fluffy white seed
Will flow ~ spreading like wild fire
Enticing the leaves to change their costumes
And dance.

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