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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Emotional · #820362
Some thoughts about life....
So within the heart what is there?
Is it the force that guides
or the whispering ignored?
As lives spiral out of synchronicity
with the innocence we were born with,
do we stand a chance against the
incoming constant waves of hate,
consumerism, money worship and dishonesty?

Each day with morning elixer,
coffee for some, tea for others,
angst and pain numbing pills and excuses
wrapped in bottles for a sad many,
we confront a newspaper pumping
all that is wrong in a world with still
too much good for it to be swept under
the incoming waves of hate,
consumerism, money worship and dishonesty.

We are disempowered by blind allegiance
to the masses that when dissected down
into their individuality are merely, simply, beautifully you and I.
Each day we have a choice to make; do we rise above and listen to that whisper in our hearts?
Do we wake up and live personal truths and instead of drowning,
ride out the incoming waves of hate,
consumerism, money worship and dishonesty?

Ride the wave of personal integrity and
land on a sandy shore of hope and harmony
that has been waiting patiently for us all along.
We best make that choice soon.
Erosion is a powerful force in mother nature;
One day, the shore will finally disappear
Leaving us to drown in our ignorance.
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