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by Shaara
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I'm not groveling, just elegantly conscientious and industrious, crawling in my muck?
SLAM 2004

The topic is Extended Metaphor

Choose an attribute, either physical or of personality, of some other person or yourself...and write a poem about that attribute using an extended metaphor...you will identify the metaphor by making it the title of your poem...


I crawl in the dirt and the garbage of soil,
Edging along in my meticulous manner.
Don't worry; it's me, the brunt of all jokes,
Gentle, invertebrate, curled in my coil.

All right, I'm lowly -- that's true of my life.
A creature who offers no kind of rebellion.
I spend all my days in the dirt and the sand,
Attempting to keep far away from the strife.

Oh, I hope you don’t know the rumors I’ve heard
Of how I'm so much a contemptible fellow.
Just because I spend months improving decay,
(It’s only their thinking that’s greatly absurd.)

For my friends always say, “Don’t be a worm.”
They never can see that their scolding words
Only inspire me to work much harder at this,
Digging for peace in my crawly, worm terms.

But maybe it's good to crawl all one's days,
Through the muck and the mire of peat and of earth,
For what I take in, I'm sure to let out,
I improve my surroundings a la fertilizing ways.

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