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Journaling Prompt: March 2nd, 2004 Eventually I will make a folder.
The Journaling Workshop prompt is:

Describe the sound of the rain outside your window, the quietness of the
falling snow, or the color of a sunset.

You may not ever think that you will use the descriptions in the aforementioned
prompt, but I would rather like to think that the descriptions may come in
handy when you set the scene in a book or story. It is easy to remember what
snow, rain, or colors look like, but if you describe it while you
are watching, feeling, or smelling it then your description will be more real
and accurate.

This prompt is given with the hope that you either have or will start today a
Writer's Journal.

So, grab your pens and journal and start writing (before the snow melts, the
rain stops, or the colors of the sunset have faded into darkness) and start

And tell anyone who asks you that the true secret is not getting the ideas to
write about, but it is in keeping the ideas in your Writer's Journal.

Thank you very much for your particpation in THE JOURNALING WORKSHOP. I
will certainly be looking for links to your online journal in the forum, or
whatever you care to share.

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