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Weekly journaling workshop prompts, part of The Ultimate Writing Workshop
Journaling Workshop Prompts

Today, I want to provide you with two totally unrelated prompts:

1) Personal Journaling

I want you to think about your reasons for personal journaling. Most of us can come up with a million excuses why we don't have time to write in our journal(s). Think about your personal journaling as a type of Life Insurance. At today's breakneck to-much-to-do-and-to-little-time-to-do-it speed, our reasons for journaling need to be thrust into the forefront of our minds as being one of the really important to-do things on our list of to-do's.

And the group look at me with pleading expressions which forced me to answer their unspoken question:

Why is personal journaling so important?

a) We barely have time to enjoy events as they happen

b) We cannot depend on our memories to relate events later

The memories we hastily jot down in our personal journals is as valuable to our loved ones as the money from a life insurance policy.

Life Insurance is usually thought of as something left behind --usually money-- to ensure the quality of life for our families in our absence. Personal journaling is your life insurance. How often are a person's memories stolen from them due to accidents or diseases?

Personal journaling will provide your family and loved ones with a type of life insurance that money can't. When we lose someone we love we painfully remember all the questions that we never asked.

Personal Journaling Prompt:
Make a list of your favorite things and why.
Format it something like this:

Maybe assign each topic just a page (front and back).




As a young child:
As a teenager:
As a young adult:
As a bride-to-be, or a husband-to-be:

Absolutely men should journal too

And if you are a young adult start journaling now while your memories are still fresh and easy to remember.*Idea*


As a wife or husband:
As a mother or father:
As a grandparent:

Write about your favorite foods. Write about your favorite colors. Write about who were your best friends. Write about your favorite song(s), or band. Write about the fashion trends. Write about your ambitions, and note how everything changed as you yourself grew up.

All too often we don't have time to tell our children about ourselves. We were important until we had children, were we not*Question*

Yes, this is like a part of a mini biography. If you do it right you will NOT complete this journaling prompt in a week or two. Or, maybe you can*Idea* At least it will be a start.

Get Busy*Exclaim*

And for all you cowards that see the first journaling prompt as impossible:

A Writer's Journal- Journaling Prompt:

Describe public bathrooms. (NO, I am not kidding.)
We all have to GO*Exclaim*

At work, while shopping, while taking a vacation (gas stations and hotels}, and at school.

If you have not been in a bathroom at your child's school, then here is your opportunity. Trust me when I tell you it will probably be a life altering experience. *Laugh* At the very least ask your son or daughter about school bathrooms.

Have you ever traveled overseas*Question* Oh, yes there is a difference.

The best and the worst of them. In great excruciating detail. Use the 5 senses: site, sound, smell, tactile sensations, and taste. (and I do realize that thinking of taste and public bathrooms in the same thought sounds nasty)

Journaling is an adventure into your soul.

Write On*Exclaim*

And I will give 2000 Gift Points up to 5 (five) of the best Writer's Journal entries I receive on the topic of "Public Restrooms - A Writer's Journal Prompt". I am the only Judge, and the Judge's decision will be final. Writer's Journal entries must be posted in the
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Good luck*Exclaim**Bigsmile*


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