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My views and a married woman's daydreams.
Dedicated to all women. We all have dreams, hopes and goals.

Dreams of the Everyday Housewife. One of Glen Campbell's songs. In the song, the woman thinks about all her ex-boyfriends and the one she almost married. We all daydream. I'm not sure what you other women daydream about but I can tell you mine.

I write. I love it. I feel passionate about my writing. I like to think I'm the next Danielle Steel. She is my favorite writer. After watching The Charlie's Angels Movie{Behind the scenes} I can daydream I'm married to Lee Majors. I thought he was so cool on The Big Valley. I can daydream I'm a sexy model who dates Leonardo DeCaprio. Maybe I can be with Johnny Depp when he was Captain Jack Sparrow and sail the seven seas with him. Sounds like a winner! Like I said I'm a writer and Hey! I can play these scenes out in my mind and include them in my future short stories.

In Glen Campbell's song, the woman looks in the mirror and stares at the wrinkles that weren't there yesterday and thinks of the young man that she almost married. What would he think if he saw her this way? Who cares? If you are married or seeing the man you really love and who loves you back, HE IS THE ONE THAT COUNTS! HE LOVES YOU! I use cold creams all the time and I don't have any wrinkles but I'm in my 40's and have been told I can pass for thirty something. That's good enough for me. A man I have known for years told my aunt that his brother kept the picture of me I gave him when I was fifteen and he just took it out of his wallet five years ago. I'm flattered but he was my first high school boyfriend and I'm glad he let go. I didn't know he had even thought of me.

I watch my soaps and I can daydream I'm married to one of those sexy hunks but you know I would rather have my life. I have a secure marriage and it's good. I wouldn't trade Ray for anyone. I just wish we lived in England or maybe in Maine by the ocean and a lighthouse. We all have our daydreams. It gets through me housework. Like when I'm digging out the cat waste or changing the kitty's box! Who doesn't need a daydream to get through that nasty job?

At work last week, someone told me I remind them of Kate Winslet. Yes! That's the look I've been aiming for! I can daydream I'm on the Titanic and Jack saved me or maybe Johnny Depp! Oh, sorry, was I dreaming again?

I love watching That 70's Show. It reminds me when I was young. I was so in love with David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman. Back then, I just wanted a Prince to carry me off on his white horse or black horse to a castle. I wanted to be Cinderella. I have a Prince Charming {he carried me off on a motorcycle. Good enough for me!} and a nice ranch style home and I have a Doll Room so I can live out my fantasies. I pretend my dolls are characters for my future stories.

I suppose I could go on and on about my daydreams. I'm Megan Rose and I have a happy life. Everytime, I hear Glen Campbell's song Dreams of the Everyday Housewife, my mind thinks back on the years before I was married. Let's face it. We all love to daydream. For those of us who write romance and fictional, you have to use your imagination. An everyday housewife or woman who is about to get married, daydreams and writing can take you anywhere you want.Always be true to the one you love and who loves you. Write your heart out and be thankful for who you are and what you have!

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