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Harry Potter fan fic rules! This is my own take on the 'evil' side of things.

Harry Potter Fan fiction

Voldemort is assumed dead. Most think he will never return. So, to who does the leadership of all things dark go to? He is dark, he is evil and he is positively terrifying. The new king of the darkness is none other than Lucius Malfoy.

Josephines' POV
She dragged his head forward until she was crushed against his chest and then he kissed her. Strong and passionate, deep and intense. She bit his lip and dark blood gushed forth. He groaned from the pain, but he didn’t break the contact – instead he kissed her more deeply. A moment later, she pulled away and smiled a seductive half-grin. She knew he was using every ounce of self-control he possessed. She laughed in her head, because she knew that she could control men. She could force them to bow to her will, and it felt damn good. She winked at him and then slapped her across the face, as hard as she could. He staggered and looked at the blood that was trickling down his face. She smiled again and he leaned forward to kiss her. But before their lips could meet, she placed her palm on his chest over his heart and shouted "avada kevadra!" and he keeled over dead.
It was so easy. He was completely intoxicated by her, he let his guard down and BANG he was dead. She adjusted her rather tight shirt, and straightened her pants. No sense in actually looking like she just killed someone.

She wore a tight pair of leathery pants (actually, they were black snakeskin) and a tight-cropped red tank top that left four inches of bare flesh between her two articles of clothing. She yawned. She checked the clock, which read 6 p.m. and shook her head. Still half a day ahead – can't get tired now. She went to the fire threw some greenish powder in and disappeared into the flames.

She appeared several seconds later in a huge hall halfway across the country.
The words she was welcomed with were "he is dead, I assume?" "Well, obviously, or else I wouldn't be here, now would I" she replied. An almost white haired Lucius Malfoy stepped out of the shadows and looked at her. "My beautiful, stunning assassin." he said. She wouldn't stand compliments from anyone else, except from her lord, and she basked in it. He continued, "I suggest you change your clothing my dear. In that," he gestured to her tight top "you are maddening provocative." she grinned. Even the Lord of Darkness could be seduced. But, she took his hint anyways and walked up the stairs to her room, but not before going up to him and kissing him. It was always advisable to stay on his good side.

Once in her room she pulled on a light sweater, swept back her long hair into a braid and pulled on socks and shoes. Out of habit, she attached a knife to the small of her back. She might be a powerful witch, but good, sharp silver never went wrong.

She returned downstairs and went to the dining hall. The dining hall was monstrous – in more ways than one. It was absolutely huge, one could fit a not-so-small house into it, and the tapestries showed horrible things – monsters and such. But, she was used to it so it no longer bothered her. The only lighted thing in the place was the table that had black candles placed every few feet on it. The rest of the hall was oppressive and black. Once, a very long time ago, she had been afraid of the darkness. Afraid of the unknown, of what she couldn't see. But now she loved it for what it concealed and for how it concealed her.

She took a seat at the table, near the head, to the right of Lucius. Across from her Draco Malfoy (obviously Lucius' son) sat, looking sullen and annoyed, as usual. There were a 6 others, too, all of them were deatheaters, of course. Usually there were ten altogether, but one of them had had 'a date with Josephine'…in other words she had killed him. Lucius raised his cup and said, "to those who can kill" while staring at Jo. "To those who can kill" chanted everyone else.

He clapped his hands twice and their supper can rushing in. She didn't even try to figure out what strange beast had been cooked for their dinner – it was probably something rare and disgusting that was supposedly a delicacy. To her surprise it wasn't bad, and actually (for once) it was quite good. She decided that later she would make a necklace out of its teeth. After they ate, Draco put on some loud muggle music and she amused herself by putting friction-less spells on the floor and watching people slip and slide as they tried to dance. The bass was so loud that she could feel the vibrations going up her legs and making them tickle. After a bit, she got bored. She couldn't dance for hell, and she didn’t want to try, while being half intoxicated. Instead, she took out her knife and cut marks and designs into her arm. When she got bored with the design (it was a serpent with a bone in its mouth) she cut the skin off and then said "pellari" and she watched it grow back.

"Still being a masochist? Really, can't you do anything better with your time?" said Draco from behind her. "Nope. Why, do you have a better suggestion?" she said, still not bothering to look at him. "You can dance with me," he said sitting down beside her. "No! And have your slimy hands on me? EW!" she said, finally lifting her dark eyes to stare at his icy blue ones. "What, and my father is any better?" he almost shouted. She got up and crossed the hall to Lucius. "Your son sickens me sometimes" she said. "Don't I know it" he whispered. She stood on tiptoe and, after catching Dracos eye, kissed his father deeply. He was beautiful and seductive and she almost wished they were in her room. She grinned. It felt good to annoy Draco, and it felt better to be on kissing terms with the most powerful dark wizard alive. She left the hall, throwing a wink at an especially sullen Draco and blew a kiss to Lucius. Once at the door, she remembered about the necklace. "Accio teeth" she said and two dozen sharp teeth came flying at her. She put them in her pocket and turned on her heel and walked out.

Instead of going upstairs to sleep, she decided to leave the Malfoy Manor. She walked down the dark hall, put on a thick cloak and wrenched open the huge doors. The house was secluded, and was near a large forest. She went to the edge of it and sat down to wait. After only a few minutes a dark shape appeared - a thestral.

The thestral was much like a horse except that instead of hair it had scales. Evidently it had smelled the blood on her new wound (which she had just opened to lure them) and it wanted more. She allowed it to lap up some of the blood before she healed it. She climbed onto its back, grabbed it around the neck and held on for deal life as it leapt into the air. Once they were above the treetops she relaxed. She was used to flying this way and she no longer feared falling off. After a fast flight she came to a huge, bright castle. She climbed off the thestral and climbed up to the top of one of the trees. For a few moments she wished more than anything that she was a student at Hogwarts, where she could have friends, be carefree and be happy. Longing overcame her and a single tear trickled down her cheek. She hastily wiped it away, embarrassed at crying. If she could just be innocent once more… A flood of memories overcame her and tears started to flow in earnest. 'Compose yourself!' she thought. Crying wouldn't transport her back in time. What was done was done. 'Anyways' she thought 'would I actually give up all of my power and my life just to go to some stupid school?' unfortunately the answer, while still being no, was pretty close to a yes…

At the break of dawn, she was thrown rather unpleasantly into consciousness when someone below her yelled "Hello? Who are you? Why are you sleeping in a tree?" She jerked upright and nearly lost her balance. She looked down and saw the person she least wanted to see right now – well, least wanted to see ever. Harry Potter. "Nosey buggar, aren't we?" she shouted down at him. She had never met him, but she hated him instantly. He was innocent and light and happy…quite her opposite. "Shove off! Stupify!" she yelled before jumping onto the thestral and flying back towards Malfoy Manor.

Harrys POV

Harry woke up from being stupefied quite shocked. He had never imagined that the most beautiful girl he had ever seen would first of all be found sleeping in a tree, secondly, fly away on a thestral or, third be so incredibly rude to him. She had thrown a curse at him – just for waking her up.
He tried to remember her face. Only a few things stood out – her long hair, thin frame, she was absolutely stunning and…what had been on her cheek? It looked almost like a trail of salt. She had been crying. He memorized the way she had flown and ran to get his broom from his dorm. Over the forest he could see nothing – not a house or anywhere she could’ve been headed. The same thought kept playing in his head – I lost her.

Jo's POV

She was shocked to find that she had dozed off - in a tree no less! However, she made a mental note to never do it again. Her thighs were awfully sore and sitting on a bony thestral made her feel no better. Harry Potter. Out of all the people at Hogwarts it had to be him. He was the kind of person who would do anything to save someone else, to be brave and courageous. Gryffindor. She hated him for the traits he had – all of that 'good' stuff. But, (she was ashamed to say) she was insanely curious. She had been brought up by dark wizards and witches so she had never known someone like him. What did he act like? How did he defeat Lord Voldemort? Was he nice? 'Ick' she thought. 'I'm voluntarily thinking about Harry Potter. How gross is that?'

When she returned to the Manor she opened the doors quietly, took off her shoes and ran up the stairs. She was about to turn into her room when she thought better of it and kept on walking down the hall. She felt that she needed to redeem herself, to cleanse herself of talking to the likes of Harry Potter. She almost felt infected by it. She wanted to drown herself in darkness to destroy the bit of light that had touched her. She went the end of the hall and stopped before a large, dark door. She had never been into this room before – all she knew was it was where Lucius slept. She had never needed to be in there – Lucius always came to her.
She knew she didn't have to worry about his wife, Narcissa. She was rarely around – infact Jo had only seen her a few times in the last four years. Some wife she must be. She pushed open the dark door and slipped inside. She let her eyes adjust to the darkness for a moment before padding to the back of the room. The room was large (like the rest of the house) and she found a four-poster bed in the corner. He was starting to stir which meant he would be waking soon. She took off her cloak and sweater and lifted the covers. She slipped into the bed and curled up besides Lucius.
He opened his eyes and smiled when he found Jo next to him. "And to what do I owe this pleasure?" he purred, voice as smooth as silk. She couldn't lie to him, yet she couldn't tell him the truth, about being at Hogwarts. "I had an unpleasant encounter with someone…"
"Would this encounter have to do with my ever-charming son, by any chance?" he asked. She had a feeling if she said yes Draco would feel the wrath of his father. "No, it didn't" she answered truthfully. "However," she said, wrapping her arms around his broad chest "I wouldn't mind a nice, long encounter with his father."

She awoke again a few hours later to someone shaking her. She rolled onto her back, sat up and opened her eyes to the dark room. "Jo, get up." said a voice from somewhere above her head. "Why should I? I like to sleep." she said and went back under the covers. It was Draco – she could ignore him if she wanted. "Would you get up if I said my father needed you?" "Oh. Yeah, I would. Now go away, I need to dress."
She could tell he was completely disgusted by finding her in his fathers bed, unclothed, but she (like usual) took no notice. She got out of bed, found her scattered clothes, pulled on her pants and sweater that she wore yesterday and went to her room where she changed into a black shirt and a short blue skirt. Like usual, she didn't wear shoes. She went downstairs and after finding something to eat in the kitchen (the formal meal had already been served) she went in search of Lucius. Before long she found him in the library, sitting on a black couch and reading a book called 'dark potions'. How typical of him.

"You wanted to see me?" she asked. "Yes, as a matter of fact, I did." "Why? Who am I killing today? Anyone interesting?" she didn't like to kill – but it was very entertaining. "Look at my face." She did and gasped. There were a few dark bruises on his cheek and a slim gash across the bridge of his nose. "What happened? Who did this?" she asked. She touched the cut lightly and he winced – it must've stung like hell. "My son did the dirty work, but I suppose I could blame it all on you." he said with a frown at the mention of his son and a vague smile at blaming it on her. "Me? What did I do?" she asked, horrified. "Well, you see, right after you showed up in my room last night Draco walked past the door while we were talking. Apparently he doesn't approve of you being in there" he smiled as if to say 'even though I do'. "So when I went downstairs in the morning he tried to beat me – his father and lord – up."
He sounded disgusted. She had had no idea that Draco had been willing to beat up his father (and consequently the most powerful dark wizard alive) over her. "Why did you show me the wounds? I would have believed you," she asked. "I showed you so you could understand how much a beautiful women like you can affect a man. Also, I couldn't remember that handy little charm of yours." For once she felt as though he cared about her. He wanted to keep her safe. "Pellari" she whispered, and the bruises and cut melted into his flawless skin.

She sat down next to him and leaned against his shoulder. "I know you don't like this, but sometimes I can't help comparing you to Lord Voldemort." she said sighing. "Oh? And what do you find?" he asked, finally putting the book down. "Well…he really wasn't well, human. He was cruel, vicious, seriously evil and just creepy. He was a Lord because he scared his followers to half to death. You, however are a leader and people follow you because they trust you." she said. "And because you're so damn sexy." she added. He grinned. "You really think so? However, some people don't seem to see me as you do." "Of course. Wow – for a moment there I almost thought you were normal."

When lunch rolled around she found she wasn't hungry so she instead went upstairs to her room. Her room was dark and quiet and it was the only place that she had ever felt safe. She flopped onto her bed and stroked the hangings. Black velvet. She wished she could lie here forever, out of reach of harm, away from anything and everything. But no, she thought, that would be too damn boring. It was time to do something. She remembered the teeth and she rummaged through the pockets of yesterdays clothes. She found them, strung them with a string she conjured and tied it around her neck. The teeth looked pretty good – it made her look dangerous, and it actually even scared her a bit. Maybe she could transfigure them to look like human teeth… Perfect. Before she made up her mind on how to do it, there was a knock on her door. "Go away!" she shouted. But, instead a white-blonde head poked through the door. "Lucius?" she said. She couldn't tell who it was – the room was dark and the hallway was much brighter. "Nope, sorry Jo. Unfortunately it's not your lover – but his son who is your age." "Shove off! Whaddya want?" "My father-" "HA! You're still being your fathers' messenger? Really, I would expect something more from you." she almost laughed when she saw his face swell with rage. He stormed into her room, furious. 'Uh-oh' she thought. 'I pushed him over the edge.' However, what he said had nothing to do with being a messenger. "My father is over forty years old – more than twice your age. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with that?!" She rolled out of the bed and walked to the door. "Yes. I sure as hell don't." As she was about to walk out, he muttered a jinx under his breath and suddenly, her legs wouldn't work. Nor would her arms – she was in a full body bind. She fell to the floor, as flat and as stiff as a board. Her jaw was locked too so she couldn't curse him back. He kneeled by her side and said, "I attacked my father because he is evil, he doesn't love you and I hate him. You deserve better." he bent forward and kissed her long and slow kissing her how she would hate him for. "Anyways, I think we're supposed to be at a meeting right now" he said after he stopped. He muttered the counter spell and helped her up. Once she was up she slapped him hard across the cheek. "Hey! What did I do to deserve that? I only kissed you!" "Believe me. You earned that one."

Dracos POV
She was so damn beautiful – why did she have to waste it on his father? It was absolutely disgusting. She was seventeen and Lucius was forty-two. He had no idea why she hated him so much, though. He wasn't bad looking – actually pretty good, and he was certainly a lot more human than his father. Every time he looked at her his heart probably started beating double time. And it wasn't only her beauty. She was brilliant and…well, just everything he loved. But what the hell did she see in his father? He was cruel, vicious and simply evil – what did anyone see in him? Maybe it was just that she wanted status and power – which she got from being his lover. But that still didn't explain her smiling every time she saw him or always watching him out of the corner of her eye when she could. And, she slapped him when he kissed her – she never did that to anyone else. 'I need a book on understanding women. They're too damn complicated.'

After a silent dinner, she met with the two Malfoys – senior and junior. Apparently there was some sort of plan that involved the two of them – however; she was far from eager to voluntarily do something with Draco. The basic plan in a nutshell was – kill Harry Potter, kill everyone else, take over the world. However, the plan for tonight was Harry Potter.

Over seventeen years ago, a prophecy had been made. This prophecy said that Harry Potter would be the match for the dark lord and only one of them could live. Sooner or later one would have to kill the other; now the only question was who would kill who? When it came to common sense, Harry would die. He was only seventeen – not a match for a lord of pure darkness. But if that was true, then how had he thwarted his attacks on him for so many years? No one would ever know.

However, one thing was known – Harry Potter must be killed, the Dark Lord must live and rule.

"We need to get Harry Potter into the Forbidden Forest. Once he is there, I can kill him." said Lucius. "Why do you need to kill him?" Jo asked. "True, I don’t need to kill him…but I hate the Potter boy with a passion and I wouldn’t miss being the one to kill him for the world." "Ok then, that’s not too hard" said Draco. "When I go back to school, I sneak up on him, tie him up, bring him the forest and he's as good as dead, right?" "Wrong" Lucius cut in smoothly.

"Apparently part of the prophecy is that 'he must be brought to his deathbed of his own freewill'. So, he can't be forced to go there, and any sort of spell can't be used." Draco looked disappointed – apparently that’s what he had been thinking. "Ok then…so we need to get him there of his own free will. I have a feeling that he's too damn smart to be convinced to follow Draco in there – I meant, who would – so how are we getting him in there?" Draco snorted – apparently he didn't find it funny at all. "There is one of two options, both of them using you" he gestured towards Jo. "Either we can send you to Hogwarts and you can lure him there, or we can send him dreams of you. Dreams wont necessarily work, but it's much safer." "I think the dreams might work" said Jo. "I mean, in his fifth year didn't he have all of these visions of the department of Mysteries – and he thought they were all real – even when the one about Black wasn't. So either he'll think they're real, or he'll have learned his lesson about believing dreams the hard way." "Precisely" said Lucius. "So, are we voting on this or is this a dictatorship?" Asked Draco. Draco desperately wanted her to come to Hogwarts. If she was there obviously his father wouldn't be – and that was very, very good. "Hogwarts" he grunted. Jo, on the other hand wasn't quite sure what she wanted. On one hand all she had wanted for years was to a normal teenager and to be able to go to Hogwarts and be with kids like her for once. However, the thought of being there only to lure Harry potter into the forest and still having to deal with classes was less than appealing. And there was no way she was going to pretend to be in love with him – that was just disgusting. Anyways, the dream idea sounded like a lot of fun. "Dream" she said. Lucius smiled – apparently that was what he wanted too. "Dream it is then. Shall we get started?"

She woke up late on Christmas morning. That was unusual for her, she usually woke up soon after dawn, but it was Christmas, she deserved a little R&R. She finally rolled out of bed pulled on some clothes a thick robe over that (the house wasn't very warm) and went downstairs. In the reception hall there was a large tree that was covered with fake snow and copious amounts of tinsel. It was actually quite pretty. However, it was a very odd sight – a Christmas tree in the home of one of the most feared people on earth.

She walked into the dining hall and found the table loaded with all of her favorite foods for breakfast. She sat down, poured herself a large goblet full of coffee and sat back. Before long she was joined by Lucius, Draco, and a few death-eaters. Tonight there would be a party that would last much of the night and be hellishly fun. Lucius looked especially pleased with himself today. She assumed it was because of the plan – it would be started in two days time and with any luck within the week, Harry Potter would be dead. Draco was as ever, sullen. Wasn't he ever happy? Probably not – she thought he might drop down dead if he even laughed.
The only cloud in her clear sky was that Narcissa was coming over. She had no idea why. Maybe it was to give Draco a sense of family, but then again the two Malfoy men hated each other with a passion, and neither of them would ever do anything to benefit the other. After eating, she went to the tree and started to dig for her presents. Christmas was probably the only day of the year that she felt as though she had a family, a real family. For one day she felt as though Draco was her brother and Lucius was her father. Draco usually got all excited over his gifts, Lucius actually acted human for a little bit (sometimes he even ventured to smile) and she felt like she was a little girl again. True the illusion only lasted for about an hour or so, but that one-hour could get her through an entire year.
After she had made a pile of unopened gifts she yelled out to the others "Are you guys coming?! Come on, I wanna open my stuff!" Usually she didn't bother to wait, but this year she would. She knew she was acting like a child, but for once she really didn't care. Finally Lucius came. He swept in, stood next to the tree and conjured up a chair. "What, you can't even sit on the floor?" She waved her hand and the chair disappeared and Lucius not-so-gracefully fell to the ground. He rolled his eyes, he was a bit annoyed but he didn’t say anything. With another wave of his wand he was back on the chair. "Oh, you're no fun" she said.
Then without any warning, she was being mercilessly tickled from behind. "AAHHHH! Sneak attack! You cheater!" she fell to the ground giggling helplessly. Draco was the culprit and he was (for once) grinning like a maniac. She was almost embarrassingly ticklish – if someone brushed her side, she would start to laugh. Usually she could hold it in, but there was nothing she could do with a sneak attack. Draco went to the tree and started pulling out his presents. Finally he had a pile just like Jos, just a bit bigger.
"All right everyone, tuck in!" she said and all of a sudden there was a storm of wrapping paper from Draco. She shook her head at him being such a child and then she turned to hers. The first package turned out to be an invisibility cloak and then a pair of dragon hide gloves, a new broom (a Cirrus 12 racing broom – the newest model, of course), some jewelry (a few rings and a necklace with an anti-wet charm on it) and finally a beautiful, male peregrine falcon. She didn't know from who the gifts were from, but she could guess. The nice thing about living with the Malfoys was that they were very, very wealthy – and they could afford to give such grand gifts. She looked at Draco, he was still unwrapping gifts and he had a grin on his face. Lucius had a small pile of presumably dark, dangerous objects and books. She smiled when she saw him wearing her gift. She had bought him a golden ring that flashed silver when someone was lying to him. However, she had put a spell on it to never say that she was lying, just in case. She stood up and went to Draco. For once she was in a good mood and she actually said 'thank you for the falcon' very nicely.
Then she went to Lucius. She sat on his lap and hugged him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "Thanks for the gifts" she whispered into his ear. He kissed the tip of her nose "and thank you as well." She looked out of the corner of her eye and saw that Draco had disappeared. 'Typical' she thought. She checked the clock on the wall and saw it was almost eleven. She swung her leg around until she was straddling his legs, facing him. "Damnit" she said. "Your wife is coming in a few hours." She didn't bother to hide that she was less than pleased. "Yes, I know…and believe me, I don't want her here anymore than you do – but people would start to wonder if she was never here. Oh, and don't worry – tonight I'll 'fall asleep' the moment I get in bed." She smiled "good. But why are you married to her anyways? You never see each other and from what I hear, you hate each other." "Good point - very good point. There is actually a reason – you want to hear it?" She nodded. "Alright then. Love is an extremely powerful emotion and with the help of a powerful potion and strong magic it can be turned into a very strong power. When two people are bound together – marriage – the one of the two that is loved more than the other gains hardly imaginable power. While I am married to Narcissa I possess a huge amount of power. Do you follow me?" "Yes" she said. "That is the reason I can't marry you – I need the power, and I have a feeling that you would get it instead. However, When Harry Potter is killed, I will be the most powerful wizard, which means, Narcissa can…disappear and you can take her place." He laced his fingers around the back of her neck and he pulled her head forward, closing the remaining few inches between them. "Until tomorrow."

Dracos POV
Draco was stunned. He had always wondered why his parents were still married, and he was never told, but instead he had told Jo. 'So they're only married because he wants power? That son of a…' And his father marrying Jo – that was, if possible the most gruesome thing he had ever heard of. There was a twenty-five year age difference – shouldn't there be some sort of law against that? Well, maybe in the muggle world there was, but he knew such laws didn't exist in the wizarding world. He knew one thing for certain – they couldn't get married. If that happened…well, he wouldn't be able to bear it. That meant…he hated to think this but Harry Potter couldn't die. He had to stay alive at all costs. Only if he was alive would Jo not marry Lord Malfoy.

She made her way upstairs and started to shuffle through her wardrobe. There was to be a huge party tonight and she had to look damn good – no, better than that, she had to look the absolute best. Finally she selected an outfit – a long, flowing skirt that was white at the top and progressed to grey and then black, and for a top she chose a tight black snakeskin shirt with blood red rubies on the collar. She laid the clothes out on her bed and changed into plain black robes.
She went to the small balcony at the back of the house and hopped on her broom. Within seconds she was zooming around a field at 80 miles an hour, faster than she had ever been before. Her eyes were streaming from the wind and her hair was flying back from her head. She felt so…free. She found the box of balls and let loose the snitch. She usually didn't play quidditch, but it was a crime not to with a broom that was this damn fast. Over the next few hours she caught the snitch dozens of times and finally decided it was also a crime for the snitch to be so damn slow. She glanced at her watch and saw it was almost four – time to go in. She took the clothes and went to the bathroom to take a quick bath. The bathroom was (like the rest of the house) large, cold and frightening. However, she waved her hand and the room blazed into warmth and light. She stepped out of her (now very rumpled) flying robes and stepped into the deep tub that had started to fill with water the moment she came into the room.
The tub was so deep that she laid back and floated there for a few minutes, just relaxing and enjoying it. Mrs. Malfoy – that would be her very soon. Once Harry Potter was killed, she would be the wife of the most powerful wizard on earth, and also the one she loved. "HA! Draco's going to flip – I'll be his step-mother!" She didn't know whether to start laughing hysterically or be very, very frightened. After quite a while she finally climbed out of the bath, brushed out her long hair and dressed. She admired herself in the mirror. Her hair was down and came almost to her waist – a shimmering sea of gold. Her clothes hugged her form, showing off a slim, muscular form. She put on her most seductive and charming smile and started downstairs.

The reception hall was already halfway full of people. There was a sea of darkness, in two ways. First of all pretty much everyone here was a death-eater and they were dark wizards and evil people with cold hearts. And secondly everyone was dressed in black, grey or some other depressing, dark color. She didn't have any trouble picking out the (now three) Malfoys. Draco was talking with his mother and Lucius was standing next to her, his arm around her waist. Jealously blossomed in her, but she pushed it aside thinking 'he doesn't love her – he loves me.' Draco looked almost cheerful – however that might've been from the glass of eggnog he was sipping at. She looked at Narcissa. She was really quite beautiful (like the rest of the Malfoys) but from what she heard, she far surpassed even her son and husband when it came to temper. She made her way over to the trio, as there was nothing else interesting to do. Quite a few heads turned while she walked past and she couldn't help but wink and smile at a few of the men – damn, it was fun to taunt them.

After weaving in and out of people for almost ten minutes she finally made it over to the Malfoy trio. She actually surprised herself when she said a very polite hello to them all (well, a polite but very cool hello went to Narcissa) and even managed to smile when Draco complimented what she was wearing. 'Yeah, yeah' she thought, 'you probably would much rather see what's under it.' She whispered "accio" and a glass of eggnog came flying at her. She sipped it and found it was very alcoholic – good. In order to enjoy she needed to be at least half-intoxicated.
At long last the mass of people were called to dinner. She took a seat near the head table, two seats away from the Malfoys. Across from her were a boy and girl, both about her own age, the children of death eaters. The robes they were wearing had the Slytherin crest on it. Apparently they were from Hogwarts. "Hey, you two. Do you know Harry Potter?" They gave her a weird look and the girl responded "yeah. Why do you ask?" She stuck out her hand and said "I'm Milla. This is my brother, Christopher. We're from Andorra. Who are you? Why did you ask 'bout Harry Potter?" They shook hands and she replied "I'm Jo-Josephine." The two Slytherins looked surprised – apparently they had heard of her." I live here. I need to know what he's like - for my own reasons."

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