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by Zelfer
Rated: E · Poetry · Opinion · #830793
My poem of Jesus' teachings, how they affect.
If life had no meaning,
And nothing was demeaning,
Could we learn anything?

If the easy path is chosen,
And always end up frozen,
Would we learn anything?

If we never see the Light,
And sleep in endless night,
Can we learn anything?

If love was unconditional,
And hate became traditional,
Will we learn learn anything?

Yes, we learn something,
Yes, we learn anything.

We learn that life has a meaning,
No matter what was demeaning.

We learn that if the easy path is chosen,
We can become unfrozen.

We learn to see the Light,
And wake up from the night.

We learn His love is unconditional,
And hate is not traditional.

Yes, we learn from everything.
Yes we learn from Him.
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