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life lived, days gone by, memories of heart
Scattered about and crowded are these pieces of a life lived. Too much, too many, for the space allotted they fill the area but speak, almost aloud. A calendar, marking the days, those past and those to come adds no lustre and no beauty, a sentinel of responsibility, but captures imagination of things to do, fine days they will be. Two cans of lighter fluid, one spent almost, one working daily, touch and find each other despite different names and diverse origins. The small, three pieced picture frame remembers cold, wintry days on the plains of Texas, the Panhandle, home. Three orange, all but frozen kittens huddle together there, in that memory, upon old, thrown away, overalls worn by the father. Middle there, sister, young she was, with shades as big as she covering her eyes as she holds hands with cousins of not much worth, then, now. The evergreen behind her and them, young and supple, shines underneath the sun of so long ago. Far right finds friend, once so dear and still so if heart searched, smiling at camera lens. What times we had, what days and thoughts and hopes we shared. Distant now.

Other faces dot the landscape of such a place as this desk, smiling, yearning, thinking, posing. Each with its own story to tell. The crumpled box of candy not eaten and not yet discarded, waste not, holds court with obese Buddha, assorted coins, tape from giant 3M, and black bear, the latter a gift from afar. The tower stands aside them all, atop it the lint covered doggie, made from clay, for me, by the errant, missed, and much loved nephew. A plant, live and growing, keeps time with the dog, and the shiny lamp, the bunny and her carrots, and the round rock found on a day summers ago. Dance could they, would they, if left alone? Do they, when eyes are out of view, like in the those cartoons seen back in the days of childhood? A party, each day or night, with frivolous laughter, favors, romance; each returning to their place there when presence resumed? Their places all set, no worry, only existence.

These are those that adorn this desk on this day.
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