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The feelings of a person drifting away into the hole loneliness written poetically.

A feeling so sad is ravaging through my head
The fuliginous thoughts are haunting me every night in my bed
Am I merely part of a delusional dream that goes beyond the extreme?
Loneliness is the name of my vicious dream.
Could the cause be a simple lack of
My savage thoughts, my terrible yearn for something new
My mind keeps telling me that I will have to
put up with this imaginary curfew
I am stuck in the twilight gloom, the
feeling of falling into this ghastly hole.
Will anyone come by to pull me out, or will
I just be stuck here only to be haunted more
by my black soul?
I am running out of words, my vocabulary
seems to fail,If I continue like this my life
will surely go down the drain.If I stop will
there be anyone left to help me stop the
unbearable pain?
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