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From my Native American Poetry Book Entitled "The Songs of Ladyhawk"
Hawk says diamonds dance on air,
Hawk says Creator placed them
There, Redtail Hawk is my name,
From the land of Thunder beings is where I came,
From Wakinyan, from the rock and the tree,
He then gave me wings and then set me free.
Through eyes of split gold shining so bright,
And what I see now? No joy, just fright.
Shoot it now, in the tree over there,
Is the song I hear most when not in the air.
When my heart breaks and I fly no more,
I return to Creator and knock on his door.
Creator says Hawk, come to me fore.
I knew you would lead them like no one before.
You tried to show them but they couldn't see,
For they saw the diamonds instead of thee.
Diamonds, gold, others, shine so bright,
But I am Creator, I bring you the light.
Remember just once these words you might save,
Spirit, not diamonds, you take to your grave.

Eva Ladyhawk Wright.
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