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Native American Poem
Eagle was sitting in the tree one day
There came a little boy that wanted to play
Eagle looked down at him in the oddest way
As if the little boy had something to say
I am your friend said the boy to the sky
Eagle bent down to focus his eye
Come talk to me said the boy again
Eagle didn't need any human friends
Eagle dropped down to the branch below
Something told him to take it slow
Time went by and the boy grew old
Then one day a story was told
A story of a boy and an Eagle so proud
From an old man in a tipi on the mount
With an Eagle by his side he died that day
And the Eagle cried out in the strangest way
My friend my friend where did you go?
And he flew overhead once more real slow
Before he flew up to the heavens above
To unite with the friend that he had always loved.

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