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An old but interesting and informative contest set in Pakistan
*Bigsmile* Hi Everyone! Come and enter this fantastic contest! The Theme is Cricket in an India-Pakistan Friendship era!

All you need to do is to Write a short story not exceeding 1500 words on the theme described above OR Write a poem, not exceeding 60 lines.The poem should describe or narrate some story-line, if possible. Real-life characters may be used as props to create an ORIGINAL story. Post the ready story or poem as a bitem link in

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If you need any help in following these instructions, feel free to contact me either by e-mail or in the ""Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor " Forum pages.

*Note1* The contest is open to all members, not just the members of the India group. I especially welcome members from all cricket playing countries, Pakistan being at the top of my list.

*Star*For those who do not understand the game of cricket, but are still keen to participate, here is a link to useful general information on cricket as a game: http://www.informationheadquarters.com/Sports/Cricket.shtml

Contest ended on 30th April 2004


First Prize: 25000 Gift points or an equivalent Awardicon!
Second Prize: 10000 Gift points or an equivalent Awardicon!
Third Prize: 5000 Gift points!

Best of luck.

Thanks to laurencia for a donation of 100,000 gift points for this contest! Thanks to writetight for a generous donation of 2500 gift points too!

Thanks also to Dr M C Gupta for his encouragement and advice.

This is your chance to add an Awardicon to your portfolios!

OUR JUDGE IS: laurencia


First Prize: Bhaskar for:
Of Cricket and The Way of the Pigeon  (E)
Friendship and the game of cricket,
#842088 by Bhaskar

Second Prize: Dr Taher writes again! for:
The Giant Screen: Love in a Glimpse  (ASR)
Combines the theme of Cricket, Indo-Pak relations and Romance
#839224 by Dr Taher writes again!

Third Prize: Dr M C Gupta for:
 AN ODE TO CRICKET--award winner  (E)
An ode to cricket [India is one of the eight countries that play test cricket]
#842366 by Dr M C Gupta

Consolation Prize: Dr M C Gupta for:
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#842391 by Not Available.


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