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by *Mel*
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A poem about unicorns (Sort of a child's Bambi story)

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In a land far away, in the long days of old,
A Unicorn had once lived, his story never been told.
A long time ago, in the spring he was born
A white horse with blue eyes, and a magnificent horn.

Now Unicorns are beings, of a magical race
And their powers all humans, desired to taste.
They have been sought after long, and rarely are seen,
For their existence is shadowed, and their senses are keen.

Now the seasons have passed, and the winter is here,
And a dreadful occurrence, is drawing more near.
As the Mother and Baby, observed the new fallen snow,
Fearce eyes had been watching, with their presence unknown.

A King sent his Knight, to the land far away,
Long he had traveled, for a year and a day.
The King's blackened heart, filled with malice and scorn
Longed for the power, of the last Unicorns.

The Knight leapt for the Mother, to capture her horn;
Without it she'd die, her life had been torn.
He turned from the creature, for his dealings were dealt,
But saw the pain he had caused, and their anguish he felt.

He looked to the stars, and the light of the moon,
Realized that the act, it was committed too soon.
For the King he had lied, his heart poisoned with hate,
But for lie or for truth, it now was to late.

The horn held no power, it was just mere defense,
The Knight knew he was wrong, he recaptured his sense.
For the act was not worth, a life torn apart
Though their power was real, just concealed in their heart.

He searched through the forest, hoping to right what was wrong,
Though he walked for a while, truth was beginning to dawn.
To the King the Knight, with a heavy heart had returned
With a pain in his heart, and a conscience that burned.

The King took the horn, but the Knight was replaced,
For his morals were broken, and with guilt were in cased.
His replacement was broad, with a heart made of stone;
The Knight was exiled from his kingdom, to wander alone.

Far away from the land, the Baby had roamed,
He longed for his Mother, and in grief he had moaned.
His tears, they had stopped, though he grew increasingly sad,
Then he walked slowly ahead, for in the road stood his Dad.

The Baby looked to his eyes, then he started to cry,
"Why'd he kill my Mother? She did not have to die!"
The Father's heart broke, as he looked at his son,
His trust had been broken, he forever would run.

Now the nights came and gone, and the seasons had passed
And the Baby had grown, an adult now at last.
He grew to be strong, so devoted and true,
But his face it was troubled, for his burden had grew.

He looked up to the sky, and to his Mother he called,
He thought long and hard, and her death he recalled.
He knew deep inside, that he had to let go,
To live life in grief, she would not want it so.

So he released all the anger, that had torn him apart;
The weight was now lifted, no longer shattered his heart.
He was finally happy, for his sadness had ceased,
And he knew that his Mother, was now resting in peace.

He was out for a walk, in the dim evening light;
Another Unicorn he saw, she was a beautiful sight.
She stood in the field, her eyes liquid blue,
He had seen her before, and their love it was true.

About a month had gone by, and their baby was born,
She had sparkling eyes, and a beautiful horn.
The dangers that lurked, did not cross their minds,
Though their baby could soon, be the last of her kind.

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