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A porcelain princess doll comes to life in this story.
I named the doll after me. I couldn't resist. Dedicated to my best friend Angel and close friend friends:♥HO HO HOOves♥ and VictoriaMcCullough I Love You: Megan

Sapphire was five years old today. She got the best present of all. A porcelain princess doll dressed in a purple nylon dress wearing a beautiful pearl and jeweled crown. The doll had red hair and brown eyes. She decided to name the doll Princess Megan. Sapphire wished the doll could come to life. She hugged her and said: "Oh, Princess Megan, if only you could come to life. That would be so neat." Just then the room darkened and a little bell chimed. Sapphire closed her eyes and when she opened them, she was in a green forest. She pushed her long blonde hair back away from her heart shaped face and she saw a water fall with blue water and little pink and blue fairies flying around. Some had red hair and some had black hair. Two were blonde just like her. Sapphire couldn't believe her eyes. Her sapphire eyes were playing tricks on her. She heard a voice. "Sapphire, your wish has come true. Princess Megan granted your wish." Sapphire looked to see where the voice had come from. She saw a beautiful princess mounted on a lavender unicorn. The princess looked just like her doll!

Princess Megan held out her hand. " It's alright, Sapphire. I am your friend. Would you like to ride on the unicorn with me?" Sapphire took Megan's hand as she got on the unicorn with her. They rode through the forest and there was a rainbow, ice cream cones in the sky and the castle was huge and was in the clouds! The castle was blue and gray and a beautiful blue ocean was below. The unicorn flew to the castle. Princess Megan and Sapphire got off the unicorn and went inside the castle. The castle had all kind of stairways, pictures of kings, horses, unicorns and dragons.Just then Megan was back in her own room!

Sapphire's mother said: "Sweetie, Grandma is here. She has a gift for you." Sapphire nodded. Where was the castle and Princess Megan? Her Princess Megan doll was back on the bed. Had it been a dream? Sapphire went down stairs to see her Grandma and her grandmother handed her a wrapped gift. She opened it and there was an ugly troll doll. Sapphire was scared. She thanked her grandmother and went upstairs with the ugly troll doll. Grandma couldn't see very well and she thought she had bought Sapphire a pretty doll. Sapphire's mother was horrified about the troll doll but didn't say anything.

Sapphire went back to her room and put the troll doll in the closet. She picked up Princess Megan and she was back in the beautiful forest again. Megan told her when ever her mother or anyone entered the room, the room would go back to normal. When ever Sapphire wanted to visit the magic land, all she had to do was pick up the doll and tell her she wanted to go to there. Princess Megan and Sapphire picked pretty lavender and pink flowers and fed the ducks. The ducks were all upset. Just the the ugly troll came running through the forest. He was throwing rotten eggs at the ducks .He went up to Sapphire and pulled her hair and then pushed her in the water. Sapphire couldn't swim but the lavender unicorn and Princess Megan got her out of the water. The troll was ready to pour some oil in the water but the fairies grabbed him and flew up in the air with him and dropped him off in a valley.

Sapphire told Princess Megan how she got the troll doll and apologized. Megan just hugged her. She told her to get rid of the troll doll when she got back to her room. Sapphire got back to her room and she took the troll doll and put him in the bag that was going to the used toy store. Sapphire's mother didn't say anything. She thought the troll doll was a menace for some reason.

Over the years, Sapphire grew up and returned to the magical land several times. There were never any more bad things that happened. When Sapphire turned fifteen, Princess Megan told her she could no longer return to the magical land. She was a young woman and could no longer live out her fantasies. She had to go through life and face the real world. Sapphire thought Megan didn't care about her anymore. It wasn't true. Sapphire hugged Megan and the unicorn and knew it was time for her to grow up.

Sapphire went to college and became a fashion designer. She met her special someone and married. She had a little girl and named her Angel. One day when Angel was five years old, they went to visit Sapphire's mother. Angel found the Princess Megan doll and Sapphire thought of the memories she had in the magical land. Angel said: "Mommy, I wish this doll could come to life." The room darkened and a bell chimed and Angel and Sapphire were in the magical land! Princess Megan hugged Sapphire and Angel was amazed! "Oh, Mommy, you know the Princess! She's the doll! Oh, look at the unicorn! Oh, Mommy, this is so cool! Can we stay forever?"
Sapphire hugged Angel and told her this was their secret. They would take the doll home and Angel could visit the magical land anytime. Someday, they would live in the magical land forever when they left the earth for good . Princess Megan never aged even though the doll did but Sapphire's and Angel's children and grandchildren{females, of course} visited the magical land until the end of time.
Another fairy sig with bunny by best friend Angel.
Beautiful Poser of Princess, unicorns and castle by Angel.

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