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Written for my first horse, my dream come true,
The Bridle
It hangs by the doorway
Dusted with dreams
Calling to blue sky
And sweetly scented
Of slow meandering
Through summer meadows
Into red and purple distance
Where my heartbeat
Joins your steady rhythm.

My legs fall over your barrel
Rocking back and forth
To your gentle sway
Balancing on your broad back
As you stretch your nose
to the tender grass
I slap the bugs from
The arch of your sweaty neck
Nudge my heels into your ribs
To encourage your steps
Watching your ears swivel
To catch my voice
Pointing and pausing
To the deer that rest
In their dark silhouettes
Gracing our gold path

The wind threads the tall grass
Into soothing ageless patterns
Hushing time
As we contemplate
Each other
In a moment of quiet
Your dark brown eyes are calm and curious
As they suddenly spring away

Did you wonder about their freedom?
Or their fear?
We continue onward
This bit of leather between us

Now all I have left
Of you.
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